30th Olympics!

Hey Athletes! As you know the Olympics are under way and there is some crazy stuff going on!

The mens archery team for USA defeated the world’s best archers in South Korea. They got 3 bulls-eyes on the last end to win it. But in the Gold medal round the US lost to the Italian Team thanks to a Clutch Bulls-eye to win by 1 point by Italian Michele Frangilli. While that took place the US Womens Soccer opened their first round match vs. Colombia. It was close until Abby Wambach scored in the 74′ minute and then 3 minutes later Carli Lloyd scored a goal which broke the lead open to 3-0.

In Swimming, USA swimmer Ryan Lochte the 400m idividual medley beating Thiago Pereira. Michael Phelps did not medal though. The fellow USA swimmer placed 4th as his quest for 7 gold medals this year is done. In the 400m freestyle China’s Yang Sun took home the gold while USA’s Peter Vadakaay took home bronze, respectfully.

In Fencing it is all Italy to this point. The womens Italian team took home Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals. Elisa Di Francisca- Gold, Arianna Erigo- Silver, and Valentina Vezzali- Bronze. Vezzali now has the most medals for fencing in the history of the Olympics.

The Gold medal count right now is:  China leads with 4 gold, Italy is 2nd with 2, while USA, Brazil, and South Korea are all tied with 1 medal.

~ Suns Add-on – Breaking News! The ABL commissioners have decided to take out the Houston UFO’s out of the ABL teams, the Houston UFO’S will be replaced by the L.A Bakers. Comment below if you would like to own the L.A Bakers. Here it there official logo Made by our artist Dalton0521.

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ActionAllstars (2008 – 2012) R.I.P

Hey Athletes, Today is the day before USA Bday, But also a sad day for all athletes. ActionAllstars will die today, and will might no longer be with us forever. But hey, didn’t we have memories? Before I started playing Action Allstars, In 2009, I was looking for a virtual world sports game. So then I went onto NBA.com just to look at whats goin on in the NBA. So then I saw the NBA game section. And there it was, Action Allstars! I remember creating an athlete called Smoove, Just the name Smoove. By the time I started, Everything was in 3D, The Characters, The Mission, Basically Everything. Plus Membership did not exist at that time. So then I did my first mission called, Save the Hot Dog stand. And I gotta say, it was an awesome mission! And so other missions came, And I had gotten alot of prizes. Well after I stop playing for just a few weeks. Action Allstars changed, Everythining was in 2D.  And that, Ladies and gentleman who are reading this dedicated post, is why people were quitting. And plus, my first account Smoove was banned from the game. So I attempted to quit. But instead, I made another athlete called “SmooveGuy6“. I thought I would never make good friends. But the first ever person that was my best friend, JJTHEBEST. Haha, we were both newbs at that time. So then few weeks later, Best had gotten MVP before I did. The Day After, I gotten it. But I did not enjoy it. After 9 days of having MVP, My account had been stolen. I am not gonna name names, But he was a good friend of mine. But now my enemy. After 3 weeks of attempting to get my account back, I finally retrieved. (If your wondering why it took me 3 weeks, Its because my email account that was signed into the registration was accidentally deleted, by me lolss) In the mean time, I had used a newb named SmooveGuy5. Then few days later, My MVP ended. After that, I made another account called “Clayton1”. I don’t know why but I just wanted a dude named Clayton. So! My mom gotten MVP for Clayton and I had a good time on him. I bought all the clothes (except the jerseys and shoes) from the MLB Store and NBA Store. And So then I met ALOT of friends. ( wish I could name them, But I don’t feel like naming 100 friends that I had), But I did meet one great friend, Coolguy174. We were awesome great friends, then one day, I discovered that cool had a blog. And So joined his blog and I became a good writer for his blog.  And then I met my current best friends, Sunsfan3, Eisner24, Dalton0521, Jok34, And Chefbahamas. Jok saw my post on cools blog. And he thought I did a great post. I was happy and surprised. And so then, Jok told me I should join the ROAA (Reporters of Action Allstars) blog. And so, Dalt told suns that I would be great for their blog. And so I asked suns. which was hard for me to do lolss. And he said “Alright”. I was super-excited until suns said “But your gonna have to quit two blogs” (Coolguy174 blog and Kool98 blog) It was a hard decision for me to make. So I sadly quit cools blog, and Join ROAA. Over the months. Many missions came, and I still had my created account “clayton1” Until one day, where I was devastated. Clayton1 was stolen. Again, I had the wrong email address of my created athlete. So RefZelda, My long-time best friend, Gotten it back for me. So when I got it back, I had to deactivate it because it would cause drama. So I went back to SmooveGuy6. Then, I noticed alot of my friends were getting mvp, including Suns, Eyes, and Jok. So one week later, I finally gotten mvp. and then one day. When I heard about someone trying to diss us. It was the one and only tea-bag, Jalentheking. He tried to tell everyone that this blog copied his. But I went onto his blog, and I dissed him back and he had nothing else to say, But he did edit my diss. which was kinda funny. Anyhoo, other bloggers tried to criticize us (again no names) But all that has ended by the time we made a truce, except with jalenthehooker. Weeks later we did a league called AAFL (Action Allstars Football League). We were the Detroit Lions and we cruised till the end of the season, We won the AAFL  Super bowl. Then we made other leagues: AABL (Action Allstars Basketball League) AAHL (Action Allstars Hockey League) AASL (Action Allstars Soccer League) and AAMLB (Action Allstars Major League Baseball). And So New Years came, Everything was cool. Till the day that changed everything! Safe-Chat took over! Everyone was so ticked off! Everyone tried to tell the Mods to take off the safe-chat but it was no use. Another weird thing happened, The MLB Store was gone. Action Allstars has lost the MLB Sponsorship Contract. Which was also a sad day for us. And now, The day that changed everyones lives, ActionAllstars Finally announced retirement. We were all shocked and confused. But we sadly and desperately accepted it. Even though it was too soon, But ActionAllstars was becoming a kids game. But we loved that game like it was part of our lives. If you read this, Thank you for being a good athlete…. And a good friend. And thank you for supporting me when I wen through bad times.

R.I.P ActionAllstars

Euro 2012 Winners

Hey Athletes! Today was the Euro 2012 final between Italia, and Espania. Or Italy and Spain. Spain was the favorites to win but those Italians can be crafty with their pizza making abilities. Spain won 4-0


Silva (14′), Alba (41′), Torres (84′) and Mata (88′) were the goal scorers.

Spain has now won 3 of the last 3 major tournaments (Euro 2008, World Cup 2010, Euro 2012). That is the first time in history that has happened.

What do you think about Spain? Are they the best ever? Is this run going to stop soon? Comment what you think.

Here are the match stats:

Spain                                         Italy

14(6) Shots (on Goal) 11(4)
17 Fouls 10
3 Corner Kicks 3
3 Offsides 3
57% Time of Possession 43%
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
4 Saves 2


Good Job Spain!

Euro 2012 Finals

Hey athlete’s!

Shaqoneal14 here!

Has anyone been watching soccer these past few days? Well if you’re wondering what I am talking about, then I will tell you!

The EURO 2012!

It went from a full bracket, to, only two finalists!

Spain VS. Italy! Spain beats Portugal in the penalties round 5-2. I wanted Portugal to win! Anyway, Germany loses to Italy 2-1. But this is an awesome occasion because Spain is going for their 3rd major title! If you guys wanted to watch the finals, here are the times:

Sunday July 1st @

2:00 PM Eastern

1:00 PM Central

12:00 AM Mountain

11:00 AM Pacific

There you go! I hope you guys watch! I might not because I am going to Mexico for vacation, but, I will post about that tomorrow. Hope you guys have fun watching and see you later!