MLB Allstar Game: Where was the AL?

 Hey Athletes! Tonight was the All-star game. The game where 2 teams with the league’s best players duel. Usually All-star games are close, with the occasional offensive explosion. This one was nowhere near close. In fact, it was over when it was 1-0. The National League bats exploded in the first inning, catching Verlander off guard. He did throw 35 pitches, but 16 of them were balls. Melky Cabrera was the All-star game MVP and a performance that included a 2-run Home run in the 8-0 blowout over the American League. Here are some highlight stats from the game.


  —- ———— AB—-R—-H—-RBI—-BB—-SO———————–






  —- ———— AB—-R—-H—-RBI—-BB—-SO———————–





Congrats to Melky Cabrera for MVP and congrats to the National League for getting home-field advantage in the World Series.

Later Athletes,


Youkilis Trade

Hello Baseball fans, The Red Sox chess match with Kevin Youkilis is now over as he trades his red socks for some white socks. In the windy city he can now let his hair 😉 blow in the wind. Heres how the trade looks like…

Red Sox Get- Brett Lillibridge Utility, Zach Stewart Pitcher and Cash $$$

White Sox Get- Kevin Youkilis Infielder

This has been seen from weeks away, with Manager Bobby Valentine calling out Youkilis saying ” I dont think he’s playing his hardest”

Youkilis is a career .286 hitter, with 133 homers and 563 RBI in 8 1/2 years with Boston, but with the call-up of  3B Will Middlebrooks and his .326 average with 34 RBI in 41 games (which is the most since 1986) and Youkilis being plaqued with injuries since 2010 Middlebrooks will keep his 3B job. Youkilis is also a 1B but that’s where Adrian Gonzalez is, Youkilis could DH, but that moves David Ortiz out, so the Red Sox kept Gonzalez’s and Ortiz’s power and got a pitcher and utility man.

The clear winner of this was the White Sox though. Through 72 games this season, the White Sox 3B men only have 9 Extra base hits, so Youkilis can easily help them out there. Heres what the 3-5 hitters for the White Sox might look like:  3 Adam Dunn 4 Paul Konerko 5 Kevin Youkilis

That lineup really brings power but with a decent average, granted Dunn has a dreadful average but Konerko is near the league lead and Youkilis can bring them home with his power.

This trade also helps the Red Sox, with P Clay Buchholz and P Josh Beckett on the DL, Zach Stewart can try to get some good outings in. Stewart has an abismal ERA of 6.00 and a WHIP of 1.50 but the Red Sox will take what they can get

Later Atletes

Riddler’s Corner!


Hey Athletes, This is another edition of You Make The Call, so here’s 3 sports occurances that should be reviwed by YOU!

If Calvin Johnson catches a 32 yard pass from Matthew Stafford and Derrelle Revis adds a 5-yard facemask but the Lions OG gets a clipping penalty because he was shoved, Should the played be brought back, Stay as is, or the penalty(s) should be reviewed? Your the Ref, Its Your Call.

Corey Hart Of the Milwaukee Brewers hits a small bouncer towards the pitcher, Chad Billingsly,but his bat splinters off also toward the pitcher. The bat stops infront of the pitcher with the bat between Billingsly and the ball. The ball hits the bat and redirects toward the 3rd base line. As the ball nears the line Juan Uribe bobbles it and it rolls barely into foul territory then he throws it low and James Loney misses it and Hart winds up at second. Your the Ref, is it a single with an error on Uribe or Billingsly? or 2 errors on Uribe or is it foul? or a Double?

 With 1:23 left in the game, Mario Manningham of the Giants (now on the 49ers) catches a ball thrown by Eli Manning and gets absolutely crushed by Ravens safety Ed Reed and Manningham drops the ball and the Ravens other safety, Bernard Pollard recovers it and brings all the way down to the 8 yard line. coach Tom Coughlin Challenges the play but it doesn’t get reversed. It’s inside the 2 Minute warning remember, Whats the call? Booth Review? Incomplete Pass? Fumble?

Peace Love And Bacon!

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