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Hey athletes! Its SunsFan3 here with another random post. First, this is very late, but congratulations to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors on winning the 2015 NBA Finals. In addition, the Finals MVP was given to Andre Iguodala, after an impressive season.

Now, lets get to more recent news. The NBA Draft has come and gone, with very interesting picks. In order to give you a better visual here is the entire first round.

Lastly, please put in the comments below, who YOU think was the biggest steal of the draft and what team you believe is an early favorite to win next years finals. Well, that’s all for this random post, please remember to please keep checking on this blog, comment below, subscribe to our blog, and most importantly have a wonderful day.

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New in Sports: A Savior in Charlotte? Jerry Rice, a Cheater?

 Hey ChefBahamas here!

Well, its been a while! 😛

Mo Williams is on his way to Charlotte!

Since their main point guard, Kemba Walker, is going to miss 5 weeks or so due to his surgery on this left knee, the Hornets are in desperate need of a game-making point guard. Their prayers were answered. Hornets General Manager Rich Cho says, “Mo Williams is a proven NBA player who gives us additional versatility and depth in the backcourt, both while Kemba Walker is out and after Kemba returns.” This seems promising for the Hornets. Do you think they’ll make the playoffs?

Now, onto the NFL.

Jerry Rice admits to using stickum!

Jerry Rice: “I apologize ppl after doing my research about stickum! The NFL banned this in 1981. All players did it! #equalplayingfield”

According to Cris Carter, he’s a cheater.

Cris Carter: @maksports98 if he used stickum, JR was cheating also.”

Do you think Jerry Rice would’ve been the player he was? Do you see him as the best ever at the wide receiver position?

I’ll  see if I can post more in the near future! 🙂

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30 for 30: Raptors

 Hello once again athletes!!!

It’s another 30 for 30 time. This time, we have the best NBA team in Canada! Oh, they only have one, that’s right. Nevertheless it’s time to #BombforWiggans. Let’s do this like Nike! (P.S. That logo though!)

 Missed playoffs

PPG: 97.2 (16th) RPG: 40.2 (28th) APG: 21.5 (20th) PA: 98.7 (17th)

—Players lost in offseason—

  • Andrea Bargiani (Trade)
  • Marcus Camby (Free agency)

—Players acquired in offseason—-

  • Steve Novak (Trade)
  • Austin Daye (Free agency)
  • D.J. Augustin (Free agency)

It’s not hard to tell the Raptors are trying to bomb this season. In an interview with Andrew Wiggans, projected 2014 Draft 1st overall pick, Wiggans said his dream team to go to would be Toronto, as he is a Canada native. Ever since Bosh left Toronto, they have been trying to recover, and I think Wiggans can help some, but they need more pieces. Rudy Gay is great for them, and Valenciunas could grow into a nice player. They also need to give T-Ross some more minutes, just saying.


Record- 19-63, 15th in East

Lineup- Augustin, Ross, Gay, Johnson, Valenciunas

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Action Allstars Dream Team!

eyes Hey Athletes! I know we promised you guys a dream team, and I held up on our agreement. I put in the people who requested among random players I wanted to add. Notable athletes are Me (Pg,sg, sf, pf, c), Dalt (Center), Coolguy174 (SG), National6 (PG), Brett297 (PG), TBB (SF), Chef (Center), Suns (PF), and Jok34 (Sf). I know it looks like I forced some players in there for me, but I can explain. My main player, my PG, is the only guy that looks like me getting good minutes. My SG, Mark Carter, is a starter, but he isn’t me. My SF, PF, and Center were only place holders. I played a game with them and took screenshots. Our very own….. ACTION ALLSTARS DREAM TEAM!

dream team Me

chef Chef

suns Suns

in game  1 Family Guy vs Dream Team

in game 2 Dalt owning

in game 3 Brett For 3

in game 5 Cool being cool

in game 6 Me dunking

in game 7 in game 8

in game 9

in game 10

That’s all I have! Hope you enjoyed.

Later Athletes!

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30 for 30: 76ers

 Hello once again athletes!!!

It’s been a little while since we’ve had a 30 for 30 I felt, so this week we will have… Oh, let’s say 4 with 2 contests and a filler post day. Sound good? Great. This 30 for 30, we have the 76ers. Let’s do this like Nike!

 Missed playoffs

PPG: 93.2 (30th) RPG: 41.3 (20th) APG: 22.8 (11th) PA: 96.5 (9th)

—-Players lost in offseason—

  • Andrew Bynum (Free agency)
  • Jrue Holiday (Trade)

—-Players acquired in offseason—-

  • Nerlens Noel (Trade)
  • Royce White (Trade)
  • Furkan Aldemir (Trade)
  • James Anderson (Free agency)
  • Michael Carter-Williams (Draft)
  • Arsalan Kazemi (Trade)
  • Tony Wroten (Trade)

Philly fans, cover your eyes. The 76ers will straight suck ducks this year. My guess is it’s par of the whole “Bomb for Wiggans” fiasco. I’m not a fan of this. However, it is their team and they can do whatever with it. I think they will be in the bottom-3 of the East with Toronto and Boston. Hopefully this pays off and they get lucky in the lottery. If not, good luck with the high expetations Philly brings.


Record- 33-49, 13th in East

Lineup- Carter-Williams, Wilkins, Turner, Young, Hawes

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.