My Career Update.. Getting Benched?

eyes Hey Athletes! I’m back with another NBA 2K13 update. A lot has changed since my last post. Not only my stats, but I’m back on the bench! I’ve probably been playing my best basketball of the season, and my minutes are going down! After a 31 point, 5 rebound, 17 assist game, I look at the rotation and it says Sixth man and next to minutes it says 26(-10). I check and it said I only played 29 minutes in that game! Of course I complain in the GM sitdown and he gets me 2 extra minutes (yay?). Now I’m back on the bench and I’m not sure how long it will take to get back in the starting lineup.

When I was about to play the next game, I get sent into a GM sitdown. He says to create a list of 5 PLAYERS that the team should trade for! I didn’t want to pick anybody to valuable, because they would ignore it or trade away Tim Duncan. The five players I requested are Hornets F Ryan Anderson, 76ers G Jason Richardson, Suns F Jared Dudley, Nuggets F Danilo Gallinari, and Warriors F Carl Landry. Hopefully I can bring one of them to San Antonio.

Despite being benched, I had a monster 38 point, 6 rebound, and 17 assist performance that led to our 24th STRAIGHT WIN! I also went 8-11 from 3pt. My season averages are now 19.1 PPG, 3.6 RPG, and 15.2 APG. I’m almost to 20 ppg.


recent games

My signature skills are Gatorade Prime Pack, Dimer, and Scrapper. I put the scrapper skill on right before the 2nd game against Memphis and I got 6 rebounds.

I’m not sure if I will be an All-Star, because I don’t show up among the top vote-getters. We’ll be going for 25 straight against GS.

Later Athletes!

Eyes sign



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