Action Allstars Dream Team!

eyes Hey Athletes! I know we promised you guys a dream team, and I held up on our agreement. I put in the people who requested among random players I wanted to add. Notable athletes are Me (Pg,sg, sf, pf, c), Dalt (Center), Coolguy174 (SG), National6 (PG), Brett297 (PG), TBB (SF), Chef (Center), Suns (PF), and Jok34 (Sf). I know it looks like I forced some players in there for me, but I can explain. My main player, my PG, is the only guy that looks like me getting good minutes. My SG, Mark Carter, is a starter, but he isn’t me. My SF, PF, and Center were only place holders. I played a game with them and took screenshots. Our very own….. ACTION ALLSTARS DREAM TEAM!

dream team Me

chef Chef

suns Suns

in game  1 Family Guy vs Dream Team

in game 2 Dalt owning

in game 3 Brett For 3

in game 5 Cool being cool

in game 6 Me dunking

in game 7 in game 8

in game 9

in game 10

That’s all I have! Hope you enjoyed.

Later Athletes!

Eyes sign




15 thoughts on “Action Allstars Dream Team!

      • babazies says:

        Lol. If you look closely, were playing team family guy. Deep team PG Griffin SG Griffin SF Griffin PF Griffin C Griffin. Bench PG Macfarlane SG Griffin SF Quagmire PF Brown C Joe lol


      • babazies says:

        He is indeed still Cleveland Brown. My players are PG: Mark Eisner (Rockets-Spurs-Thunder-Hawks-Nets I got traded a lot), SG: Mark Carter (Kings), SF Mark Eisner (Hornets and Mavericks, I have 2), PF: Cleveland Brown (76ers) C: Mark Eisner (76ers-failed , Warriors-current).


      • babazies says:

        I’m about 22 games into my 3rd season. I played all 81 games I could play in the first season (Rockets and Spurs). We swept through the playoffs and beat the Bulls for the title. I key gamed a lot of my second season (Spurs and Thunder). I probably played around 20+ games? The stats weren’t as good as rookie year, but I still beat the Heat in 6 games for my second title. Now in my 3rd season (Thunder, Hawks for 5 games, and Nets), I had to turn my minutes down to 8 minute quarters to avoid crazy stats and get more games in. I’m a 2-time allstar, 2-time mvp, 2- time first team and have career averages of 33.2 PPG 4.8 RPG and 12.7 APG. Those stats might be higher if not for key gaming. I currently average 38.1 PPG 5.1 RPG 12.8 APG and 5.0 SPG in my 3rd year.


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