ROAA Overhaul!

 Hey ChefBahamas here!

The blog  has had a complete overhaul!


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I’ll  see if I can post more in the near future! :)

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March Madness!

 Hey ChefBahamas here! March Madness is almost here!

Who do you think will win?




The Kentucky Wildcats are still undefeated! But, will LSU break the streak?

This could be the toughest road game for the Wildcats. Can LSU pull off the win or will Kentucky slide by?

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Jerry Rice and Mo WIlliams

New in Sports: A Savior in Charlotte? Jerry Rice, a Cheater?

 Hey ChefBahamas here!

Well, its been a while! :P

Mo Williams is on his way to Charlotte!

Since their main point guard, Kemba Walker, is going to miss 5 weeks or so due to his surgery on this left knee, the Hornets are in desperate need of a game-making point guard. Their prayers were answered. Hornets General Manager Rich Cho says, “Mo Williams is a proven NBA player who gives us additional versatility and depth in the backcourt, both while Kemba Walker is out and after Kemba returns.” This seems promising for the Hornets. Do you think they’ll make the playoffs?

Now, onto the NFL.

Jerry Rice admits to using stickum!

Jerry Rice: “I apologize ppl after doing my research about stickum! The NFL banned this in 1981. All players did it! #equalplayingfield”

According to Cris Carter, he’s a cheater.

Cris Carter: @maksports98 if he used stickum, JR was cheating also.”

Do you think Jerry Rice would’ve been the player he was? Do you see him as the best ever at the wide receiver position?

I’ll  see if I can post more in the near future! :)

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The Votes Are In!

shaqq3Yeaaaaa Mr. Newton!!!!

Hey Athletes! I’m back to count you into the scoop for the poll that we set up for you!
This poll what entitled: “Should ROAA come back?” Most of you voted but I know that some of you had just ignored it. We had 23 votes overall though! Here are the results:


Fortunately, we had 18 votes for the answer we wanted! I am trying my best to bring the reporters back but we also need YOUR HELP! I need you to start suggesting things to do on the blog to bring it back alive! Please comment on this post about things that need to be changed or added or anything like that. If you want to keep your suggestion private, please email:

Again I need YOUR HELP to bring this blog back athletes! The faster you help us, the faster we get this blog back on track! Thanks for voting and start commenting!



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