Hello, Athletes

I genuinely never felt like I would ever post on this blog. Here I am again, almost 3 years after my last post. I just want to know if anyone ever checks this thing out. Whats become of your guys’ lives? This game was a huge part of my childhood and I just want to know what happened to some of the people, who I shared some awesome times with. Anyways, if you’re comfortable sharing, just let me know in the comments.

Thats all for now. Stay safe, athletes.

David (SunsFan3)

NBA Draft

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Hey athletes! Its SunsFan3 here with another random post. First, this is very late, but congratulations to Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors on winning the 2015 NBA Finals. In addition, the Finals MVP was given to Andre Iguodala, after an impressive season.

Now, lets get to more recent news. The NBA Draft has come and gone, with very interesting picks. In order to give you a better visual here is the entire first round.

Lastly, please put in the comments below, who YOU think was the biggest steal of the draft and what team you believe is an early favorite to win next years finals. Well, that’s all for this random post, please remember to please keep checking on this blog, comment below, subscribe to our blog, and most importantly have a wonderful day.

Later Athletes,
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NBA Finals!


Hey athletes! Its SunsFan3 here with another rare post. As many of you know already, the NBA Finals is in full swing. As of right now, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors lead the series at 3-2 over Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although, this is a little late, I still want to know, who do YOU think will win? Vote now in the poll below!


Well, that’s all for now guys! Please remember to keep checking up on our blog, comment down below, subscribe to our blog, and most importantly have a wonderful day.

Later athletes,

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New Segment: Clash On!


Hellllllo fellow viewers of this awesome blog!

I wanna get straight to the point. I know that you guys have an idea of what this post is about. Yes, I want to make a new segment called: “Clash On!

This will be about, yes…

This is my base:


Yes I have a completely maxed out Town Hall 7 including a Level 5 barbarian king. I am going to Town Hall 8. 3 days left.

If you play on your iOS or Android device, you know what I am talking about.

Anyway, in this new segment, I will basically be naming a Town Hall, and a type of base. For example, Town Hall 7, Farming Base or Town Hall 9, Hybrid Base

If you have that type of base or are planning to make one, you will need to comment your clan, your username, and your experience level. This way, it makes it easier for me to find your base.

I will be finding everybody who comments and I will see who has the best base of which I said to have. I will choose the three best, upload your base pics on here, and have the blog viewers vote. The one who wins get featured on the blog and gets their base on the new page: Clash On Winners.

Seems self-explainable? If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please comment on this post or holla at us at: roaastaff@outlook.com

Note* This contest starts on March 21st.