Major My Career Update

eyes Hey Athletes! Welcome to another “My Career” update. There is plenty of news to share.

My team, the San Antonio Spurs, is currently on a 35-game winning streak! Our record is 45-7 and we are 2 games away from the AllStar break.

Speaking of the All-Star break… I made the All-Star team! I didn’t get voted in as a starter, but I got chosen as a reserve for the West All-Stars. I’ve been on a tear lately and that was able to get me into the game. I was also chosen for the Rising Stars Challenge and the 3-PT Shootout! I lead the league with 214 made threes and I’m on track to break the record. I’ll be sure to give you guys the results of the games and the contest. I took some screenshots for proof.



When I say I’ve been on a tear, I’m not lying. I’ve sky-rocketted into the MVP and Rookie of the Year races and I’m getting recognized for it. I’ve also won back-to-back Player of the Month awards and 3 straight Player of the Week awards. I also want to show you my current season stats and my monthly stats. Last update, my PPG was at 19.1. Since then, it’s improved to 23.5 PPG. Both my rebounds (3.6 to 4.0) and assists (15.2 to 15.8) have also gone up.


before break

My last two games are blah, but overall I’ve been playing well.

before break 2

Be sure to pre-order NBA 2K14!


Later Athletes!

Eyes sign



23 thoughts on “Major My Career Update

      • coolguy174 says:

        Oh I play on the xbox. My guy is starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls we have won two straight finals (I’ve been in the league for three years my first year was with the Celtics) and I have been finals MVP for both of them.

      • babazies says:

        That’s cool, Cool (lol get it?). I also have a player on Xbox, but it’s currently broken so I play PC. I’m still in my first season and I just finished the All-Star break. I had 40 points 6 rebounds 21 assists 2 blocks and 10 turnovers in the Rising Stars (Triple double?). I also dropped 26 points and 4 assists in the All-Star game to claim the All-Star game MVP.


  1. thebenjibang1 says:

    yo eyes, I got into the dunk contest (xbox) and its soooo hard (allstar pre order bonus) I did a Michael Jordan free throw dunk and got a 54 while Jermey Evans did in game dunks and got 75.

  2. coolguy174 says:

    I love madden. And one other question. I’m guessing you guys have made your own signature shoe already? I’m pretty sure you guys have had to win MVP at least once and when you win MVP I’m pretty sure you get your own signature shoe.

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