New Segment: Clash On!


Hellllllo fellow viewers of this awesome blog!

I wanna get straight to the point. I know that you guys have an idea of what this post is about. Yes, I want to make a new segment called: “Clash On!

This will be about, yes…

This is my base:


Yes I have a completely maxed out Town Hall 7 including a Level 5 barbarian king. I am going to Town Hall 8. 3 days left.

If you play on your iOS or Android device, you know what I am talking about.

Anyway, in this new segment, I will basically be naming a Town Hall, and a type of base. For example, Town Hall 7, Farming Base or Town Hall 9, Hybrid Base

If you have that type of base or are planning to make one, you will need to comment your clan, your username, and your experience level. This way, it makes it easier for me to find your base.

I will be finding everybody who comments and I will see who has the best base of which I said to have. I will choose the three best, upload your base pics on here, and have the blog viewers vote. The one who wins get featured on the blog and gets their base on the new page: Clash On Winners.

Seems self-explainable? If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please comment on this post or holla at us at:

Note* This contest starts on March 21st.



The Votes Are In!

shaqq3Yeaaaaa Mr. Newton!!!!

Hey Athletes! I’m back to count you into the scoop for the poll that we set up for you!
This poll what entitled: “Should ROAA come back?” Most of you voted but I know that some of you had just ignored it. We had 23 votes overall though! Here are the results:


Fortunately, we had 18 votes for the answer we wanted! I am trying my best to bring the reporters back but we also need YOUR HELP! I need you to start suggesting things to do on the blog to bring it back alive! Please comment on this post about things that need to be changed or added or anything like that. If you want to keep your suggestion private, please email:

Again I need YOUR HELP to bring this blog back athletes! The faster you help us, the faster we get this blog back on track! Thanks for voting and start commenting!


Please Vote?

A quick poll!

*Only one week to vote. Please vote!

NFL Updates!

What is up my Sports People of the Universe?
I come back to visit all of you about our..uhh…our…Oh Yeah! NFL SEASON!
P-P-P-Playoffs are almost here! You know what that means; Sssssuper Bowl is almost hereeeeee!

But let’s start of with recent games and news. I will talk about the most interesting parts of week 15 this past weekend.

The Buffalo Bills set a surprise win when the defense dominated and Kyle Orton passed for 158 yards as the Bills swept through Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.
The Denver Broncos were able to maintain their lead VS. the San Diego Chargers on Sunday while Manning was feeling some “flu-like” symptoms.
The Cincinnati Bengals shutout the Cleveland Browns in the first start of “Money Manziel” The media has reported stories about this game referred as: “Manziel’s first start turns into a terrible game”

That’s the highlights for this week!


I have made an email for Reporters of Action Allstars where all of you guys can email us giving your: suggestions, concerns, comments, and/or feedback.

Our email is:

This is Shaq signing out!