ActionAllstars (2008 – 2012) R.I.P

Hey Athletes, Today is the day before USA Bday, But also a sad day for all athletes. ActionAllstars will die today, and will might no longer be with us forever. But hey, didn’t we have memories? Before I started playing Action Allstars, In 2009, I was looking for a virtual world sports game. So then I went onto just to look at whats goin on in the NBA. So then I saw the NBA game section. And there it was, Action Allstars! I remember creating an athlete called Smoove, Just the name Smoove. By the time I started, Everything was in 3D, The Characters, The Mission, Basically Everything. Plus Membership did not exist at that time. So then I did my first mission called, Save the Hot Dog stand. And I gotta say, it was an awesome mission! And so other missions came, And I had gotten alot of prizes. Well after I stop playing for just a few weeks. Action Allstars changed, Everythining was in 2D.  And that, Ladies and gentleman who are reading this dedicated post, is why people were quitting. And plus, my first account Smoove was banned from the game. So I attempted to quit. But instead, I made another athlete called “SmooveGuy6“. I thought I would never make good friends. But the first ever person that was my best friend, JJTHEBEST. Haha, we were both newbs at that time. So then few weeks later, Best had gotten MVP before I did. The Day After, I gotten it. But I did not enjoy it. After 9 days of having MVP, My account had been stolen. I am not gonna name names, But he was a good friend of mine. But now my enemy. After 3 weeks of attempting to get my account back, I finally retrieved. (If your wondering why it took me 3 weeks, Its because my email account that was signed into the registration was accidentally deleted, by me lolss) In the mean time, I had used a newb named SmooveGuy5. Then few days later, My MVP ended. After that, I made another account called “Clayton1”. I don’t know why but I just wanted a dude named Clayton. So! My mom gotten MVP for Clayton and I had a good time on him. I bought all the clothes (except the jerseys and shoes) from the MLB Store and NBA Store. And So then I met ALOT of friends. ( wish I could name them, But I don’t feel like naming 100 friends that I had), But I did meet one great friend, Coolguy174. We were awesome great friends, then one day, I discovered that cool had a blog. And So joined his blog and I became a good writer for his blog.  And then I met my current best friends, Sunsfan3, Eisner24, Dalton0521, Jok34, And Chefbahamas. Jok saw my post on cools blog. And he thought I did a great post. I was happy and surprised. And so then, Jok told me I should join the ROAA (Reporters of Action Allstars) blog. And so, Dalt told suns that I would be great for their blog. And so I asked suns. which was hard for me to do lolss. And he said “Alright”. I was super-excited until suns said “But your gonna have to quit two blogs” (Coolguy174 blog and Kool98 blog) It was a hard decision for me to make. So I sadly quit cools blog, and Join ROAA. Over the months. Many missions came, and I still had my created account “clayton1” Until one day, where I was devastated. Clayton1 was stolen. Again, I had the wrong email address of my created athlete. So RefZelda, My long-time best friend, Gotten it back for me. So when I got it back, I had to deactivate it because it would cause drama. So I went back to SmooveGuy6. Then, I noticed alot of my friends were getting mvp, including Suns, Eyes, and Jok. So one week later, I finally gotten mvp. and then one day. When I heard about someone trying to diss us. It was the one and only tea-bag, Jalentheking. He tried to tell everyone that this blog copied his. But I went onto his blog, and I dissed him back and he had nothing else to say, But he did edit my diss. which was kinda funny. Anyhoo, other bloggers tried to criticize us (again no names) But all that has ended by the time we made a truce, except with jalenthehooker. Weeks later we did a league called AAFL (Action Allstars Football League). We were the Detroit Lions and we cruised till the end of the season, We won the AAFL  Super bowl. Then we made other leagues: AABL (Action Allstars Basketball League) AAHL (Action Allstars Hockey League) AASL (Action Allstars Soccer League) and AAMLB (Action Allstars Major League Baseball). And So New Years came, Everything was cool. Till the day that changed everything! Safe-Chat took over! Everyone was so ticked off! Everyone tried to tell the Mods to take off the safe-chat but it was no use. Another weird thing happened, The MLB Store was gone. Action Allstars has lost the MLB Sponsorship Contract. Which was also a sad day for us. And now, The day that changed everyones lives, ActionAllstars Finally announced retirement. We were all shocked and confused. But we sadly and desperately accepted it. Even though it was too soon, But ActionAllstars was becoming a kids game. But we loved that game like it was part of our lives. If you read this, Thank you for being a good athlete…. And a good friend. And thank you for supporting me when I wen through bad times.

R.I.P ActionAllstars


151 thoughts on “ActionAllstars (2008 – 2012) R.I.P

  1. Crazyallstar says:

    Once i read this i kept missing words an everything my eye’s were crazy and i was dizzy but finally it got handle’d by wearing readying glasses to not skip words…… and Action allstars my memory was being lame and stupid ….

  2. Brett297 says:

    Action Allstars was a great website for us and i know its gone, a new chapter in our lives, BUT their are good things coming up, (the positives) Sportstopia hopefully coming out soon and we can still chat on blogs!

    Brett297 🙂

  3. National6 aka nat the canadian$$$$ nat money cash money productions lol, says:

    iight r.i.p action allstars i had a great time on there. whish aas,roaa andeveryone the best, #nat love. anyways, hoping and wishin for sportstopia (don’t think i said or spelled that right) to come on. till then, peace.
    Enough said
    the one but not only, (ella) cough*, nat

  4. National6 aka nat the canadian$$$$ nat money cash money productions lol, says:


  5. National6 aka nat the canadian$$$$ nat money cash money productions lol, says:

    I was too lazy too read everything. (smoove)

    National6/NationalSwagz aka nat the canadian$$$$$ Nat money ca$h money Productions ┌∩┐(◕0_0◕)┌∩┐

  6. Randyorton230 says:

    Guys is this a tv show or what Action Allstars is gone and it wasn’t even fun no talking no feature turfs no new missions you guys gotta get over Action Allstars at least they’re making a new game…

  7. minilebron3 says:

    Smoove great story, i want to thank you and all the reporters for welcoming me in to action allstars when i didnt have alot of friends i really appreciated someone being nice for once. Also thanks for letting me join the AABL i had a great time even though it was a huge fiasco most of the time. Over all i had a great time on action allstars even though i never had mvp. Thanks for all the great memories from the second generation action allstars members.

    aka monkeyblaster

  8. Ella802 says:

    Awwww…. Smoove, that was such a great and emotional speech! *tears* I’ll miss everyone I’ve met on AAS! (even though I wasn’t on for months lol.) *more tears* Thanks for all my nice and kind friends who were aways there to hang out with me and others who had my back! I meant to type one or two sentences then I realized I’m writing a long speech like Smoove. Anyways, good luck guys and hopefully we’ll meet again somewhere over the rainbow! MISS YOU! *cries*


    P.S. I’ll be frequently on this site to keep in touch with you all! P.S.S. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY (or American Day, whichever the correct term/day it is today) to all my American friends! Cheers!

  9. coolguy174 says:

    I’ll never forget you guys. Thanks for giving me an awesome child and being awesome friends. -coolguy174

  10. coolguy174 says:

    To Smooth-
    You were one of my best friends on AAS. And after u said u cant name every friend u go and say this “And So then I met ALOT of friends. ( wish I could name them, But I don’t feel like naming 100 friends that I had), But I did meet one great friend, Coolguy174. ” That quote made my day. Thanks for being a great friend, and I wish you the best of luck as your life moves on.

  11. coolguy174 says:

    I remember when I found AAS, I used to read sports illustrated kids so I went to their website and looked at games. I saw a game called “Action Allstars” And thats where it all started…lol

  12. Garrett10568 says:

    let me just say we all had great times in action allstars and we will keep it in our hearts and maybe some day they will make a virtual world just like action allstars. One question though… why did action allstars die or retire.
    P.S. my name was… Garrett10568 …… i had a great time

  13. Crazyallstar says:

    ugh club penguin it’s same as aa but your a penguin and waddle arround and different rooms What about xbox or something or just wait for sportstopia i will Probly be gone on that game (sorry but i will maybe try it) but my friend on xbox got me upsest with new games like cod,gow3, Totally MINECRAFT!!!!!! but anyways again on xbox my username is aidyner (if you wanna add/friend me) but club penguin i played my user was monkeyaidyn i got everything it was soooooo borring so many clothes you could get with codes…. Club penguin Worst 5 mins of my life….

  14. Robobot100 says:

    i have been on actionallstars for… -tear comes down cheek- since 2008 and i got it from an ad on my favorite website, i wanted to check this out. u guys should have been here in 2008-2011 it was awesome. not like it is now. they ruined it. ugh im just gonna miss all my friends. -.- please thumbs up on this.

  15. derickrose120 says:

    yo eryy body replying on this even people that hate it even people that said they would never get on it again its crazy look erry body studly stew mlx slugger aka marc

    and nat

  16. Jack765304 says:

    Man this made me emotional. Being that I was their since 08 I realized how much it meant to me and lastly I blame it on the greedy flatcats who ran the site the greed lost the MLB store and cost u 6 dollars a month to play rip aa and fuck u executives

  17. Mason6611 says:

    R.I.P. Action Allstars I hope you guys remember me! I used to play from 2009 to 2012! all the refs loved me (especially Whistles and OHannon) We all had good times! You guys were like my virtual family and i respected you!

  18. KGceltics says:

    me too at school there was pajama day we played action allstars and i got a free mvp and gotten almost all of the celtics houses

  19. Jasmine Prince says:

    i can`t belive action allstars is gone my brother and i luved that game we played every day:-( i hope they bring it back

    • bangershow says:

      i had a aas for about 2 years 1/2 years. stopped for a while. and now its gone. . . . . tragic. long live bangershow.

  20. PixelPlayerAZ says:

    I Might’ve not really played Action allstars nor was never popular but Right now ive been seaching every website and finally one works where i can only play all the action allstars Mini Games but i really hope this rumor about action allstars coming back in Dec.22.2013 is true!

  21. PixelPlayerAZ says:

    Playing trivia and all the games alone makes me sad i miss aa so bad but my main point is why did they ditch us all of sudden?

  22. eric2323 says:

    i remember reading this post a very very long time ago and it just brought back memories all my friends gave me 🙂 i hope the rumours about aas r true!

  23. eric2323 says:

    i remember that mission i made mine the last day of the mission and i almost didnt complete it idk if u guys even remember me 😦

  24. Emmanuel says:

    ayyye I know im kinda late on this do any of you guys remember me im Emmanuel I was on action all stars as well my name was Emmanuel524 remember I told everybody to all me eman instead of Emmanuel

  25. gillispie says:

    hey gillispie here i miss aas so much and they said it relaunched a few days ago but it hasnt but i remember almost everyone who has commented before me and it brings back good memories i wish everything would go back to the way it was

  26. Mason says:

    did u work for action allstars on that last blog, or was it just u and a group of athletes?And it really sucks that they are taking this away. Maybe u should make a website like would thank you so much. or try to contact action allstars and work with them to make a comeback with a new action allstars. but anyway thx for the info please respond:)

  27. ~*Fantage*~ says:

    I was cupcake2628 and I had a LOT of stuff. i think all from 2010-2011… I’m really gonna miss that game

    Besides, I play Fantage now! It’s a lot like Action Allstars! It’s actually also really fun! You should try it 🙂

  28. basketb22 says:

    woooowww lol. I remember playing this game, and I just thought of it so I typed it in only to find out it shut down. Musta been because I wasn’t there anymore! Everythings uncool if I’m not apart of it.
    I’d like to give a shoutout to my ______ doe!~~~ Ben and Suns. Keepin’ it real

  29. AssassinGreek17 says:

    I dont k\ow how to express my feeling about ActionAllStars 😦 I played there for 3 Years i gave everything and in 1 day everything just gone…I’ll miss this game 😦 and I’ll miss you too guys!I hope one day that we can all raise the Six Degrees Games Come back and create again this Game!

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