Euro 2012 Finals

Hey athlete’s!

Shaqoneal14 here!

Has anyone been watching soccer these past few days? Well if you’re wondering what I am talking about, then I will tell you!

The EURO 2012!

It went from a full bracket, to, only two finalists!

Spain VS. Italy! Spain beats Portugal in the penalties round 5-2. I wanted Portugal to win! Anyway, Germany loses to Italy 2-1. But this is an awesome occasion because Spain is going for their 3rd major title! If you guys wanted to watch the finals, here are the times:

Sunday July 1st @

2:00 PM Eastern

1:00 PM Central

12:00 AM Mountain

11:00 AM Pacific

There you go! I hope you guys watch! I might not because I am going to Mexico for vacation, but, I will post about that tomorrow. Hope you guys have fun watching and see you later!



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