ABL Summer League Via Woozworld?

Hey Athletes! Suns here with some exciting ABL news! I have decided to make the ABL Summer League, why you may ask? Well by the time Sportstopia is finished a lot of us will be a bit rusty and might not be as good as we used to be. Now I know that in the NBA Summer League mostly only rookies and rising stars play, however in the ABL Summer League everyone including veterans play, this is to insure that everyone is at their best when Sportstopia is finished and the ABL season starts. Now I know many of you are asking where do Woozworld come in the picture? Well to answer your question we will use Woozworld due to the fact there aren’t that many other virtual games that have free chat and have basketball courts in the game. The ABL Summer League will start at a still be announced time, but it will start soon. So I hope all of you are more excited and ready as I am for the ABL Summer League. I suggest you make a Woozworld account as soon as possible, once you have made your Woozworld account be sure to comment below your username. I advise everyone to make their username something close to what they had on Action Allstars.

On another note I must address this situation I have been seeing a lot of people doing some dumb stuff while commenting on ABL related stuff. Alright lets start off with Bostonfan209 and Chaddydog17, well first off Bostonfan209 you cannot sign players to a zero topian token deal if they are you going to play. (possible fine for the Boston Leprechauns) Chaddydog17 you cannot say negative things about other teams in trying to convince a player to sign with your team.
If you haven’t already seen the official ABL commercial here it is. Enjoy!

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Later Athletes,


77 thoughts on “ABL Summer League Via Woozworld?

  1. Nation6 says:

    There is no point of summerleague if veterans play lol, its called summer league for the rookies and softmores to make the cut. not to effend you suns. jus had to make a statement

    • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

      First of all the ABL Summer League is called the “summer league” due to the fact its summer. Also this the point of the summer league isn’t to make the cut, it is for one purpose and one purpose only, so no one can say the excuse that we haven’t played in a while thats why I am a bit bad.


      • Aytan says:

        I logged off cuz my brother is on the computer do I am on my iPad but I can’t play and r u my friend in real life?

      • aytan says:

        suns i have a great idea for sportstopia! for ABL you guys should make it like a 3d game. not like a game that you type. like your team owner like could say meet me at that 3d game and we could have games [abl games] like that! and plus for the offense it takes long to shoot like you gotta say shoot then in but in that 3d game which i hope you make in sportstopia you could press spacebar to, arrows to move and etc.

      • aytan says:

        suns i have a great idea for sportstopia! for the ABL games you guys should make it 3d and no typing. instead of typing you guys could shoot with spacebar to shoot and your team owner and the other team owner could make a time to play each other and then your owner will give you a message saying go to that 3d game were you could meet with the rest of the team. and then you play and have fun!

    • chaddydog17 says:

      Nvm on tht but I am on leprechauns now so ya see u in summer league and suns or whoever can u make another post when the summer league will begin thanks

  2. SmooveGuy6 says:

    So umm guys, Dont mind me being late if so, what game are you guys on, like to do this abl thing……. and someone sign me lolss….. plus havent been on for a while (still doing school, kinda funny rofl), and if its wooz world ima join in less than a week or two. Name will be SmooveGuy1, hopefully…… and uhh can you tell me your avatar names so i can find and add you guys?

  3. coolguy174 says:

    To Suns and Dalt-
    Me and nick (Nickelodeon12/nickwombats) would like to make an official blog for all the AA sports. AAFL AND ABL, mainly. If we could, you guys could join too if you’d like. Please put this into consideration. Thanks.

  4. bostonfan209 says:

    In the rules say you can sign for free because “their just there to be there” so you can’t fine us plus you can’t take me off the leprechauns roster

  5. Ella802 says:

    Ello guys! Haven’t talked to you for quite sometime! Been very busy lately. How are you? What’s this woozworld thing I’m reading on the blog? I’m confused, as always. EL

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