How are you doing; FIFA World Cup 2014

Hey Sports People out there in the world!

Shaqoneal14 A.K.A. OfficialShaq here just wondering how all you guys are doing!

Comment down what you’ve been doing since AAS ended and how it’s been going. In case if you’re wondering, I have been playing Woozworld and yesterday was my 2 year anniversary on that virtual world! I grew up a bit since we have all hung out though.

Anyway, who watched the FIFA WORLD CUP 2014!?

Very, very, very nice can I say? There was a very big problem this year though; and that is… Flopping. Yes there isn’t flopping just in basketball… I was rooting for Mexico, U.S, and Germany. I am talking about flopping because Arjen Robben #11 on Netherlands flopped and won a penalty for the team which resulted in goal. Let me just tell you; what a coward. Then that started the hashtag: #NoEraPenal which means, “Was No Penalty.” Anyway, I was happy to hear that Germany took the win this year!

Now who is ready for the Spaniard League?! You know, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid. I know I am especially since my favorite team, Real Madrid, bought Midfielder Toni Kroos(Germany International Player) and Midfielder, James Rodriguez( Had 6 goals in 5 games, the most in this world cup) Yes this season will be exciting.

Now I am off to do some stuff because school is about to start in less than a month, UGH.

Cya later Allstars!

-SHAQONEAL14 (OfficialShaq)


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