Association Update!

 Hello once again athletes!!!

The picture is very relevant, trust me. Welcome to my first Online Association Update! I’ve been playing quite a lot of it, considering I’m MyCareer-less. But hey, I’m not even mad. Okay, I’m pretty mad, but still, association is pretty addicting. Let’s do this like Nike!

So, in the Online Association, I’m playing against about 15 of my friends, so that leaves 14 CPU teams. One of my friends decided to be funny and pick the Thunder, so I picked the Bobcats. It was random draft order, and I actually like the jerseys they have, NBA Green and Classic Home II or III I believe are the Cougars ones. I ended up with the 12th pick.

In the first round, I drafted Rajon Rondo, which I thought was good at the time, but later realized I like a scoring PG. In the second round. I picked up Zach Randolph. I liked having a big body down low-post, but can also hit the occasional jumper (with correct shot release). I neglected the fact they were pretty expensive, however. In the third and forth rounds, I picked up Kawhi Leonard and Chandler Parsons. I like them because they have the inside-outside game, and used up very little cap space (About 2.5 million for both). I don’t quite remember where I drafted the others, but I got MarShon Brooks, Omer Asik, Brandon Bass, Gary Neal, Marco Bellineli, Mike Miller (The Killer), Greivis Vasquez, and Nick Young. 

I like the guys I have because I can run a fast-break, 3-point shooting style of play, somewhat similar of what I like in MyTeam. I made quite a bit of trades in the offseason, I won’t lie. I traded Rondo, Randolph, and Brooks to the Nuggets for Steph Curry and Brook Lopez aka Bropez. I wanted a nice big man because Randolph was my starting C, and came in at 6’8″. I freed up so much cap space that I pursued Dwight Howard, offering him an 18.5 million dollar deal, in which he accepted. I didn’t have enough regular cap space to pursue Paul Millsap, but I had a lot of hard-cap space left so I offered him like 3 years, 31 million. I also traded Asik for Andrew Nicholson, mostly because Asik’s salary for the ’14-’15 season is ridiculously high at around 13 million. 

That’s my progress to this point. Tell me if you think my moves are good or bad in the comments below.

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.



14 thoughts on “Association Update!

    • dalt0521 says:

      I run Curry, Vasquez, Leonard, Howard, and Lopez. I like having Vasquez at the 2 because he’s got the height and passing skills, as well as a nice jumper with an easy release.

  1. drew2458 says:

    Ohh ok just I’m not as much in to basketball or the NBA as you and the reporters are. I’m just more of a college sports type guy but most of the people on these blogs don’t really care about.

    • dalt0521 says:

      The Reporters that are into basketball are predominately Eyes, Jok, and myself. Smooth is football. Suns and Chef are independent so they can have baseball, I guess.

    • dalt0521 says:

      I’m the only one who posts… I was thinking about posting about some football (soccer) like the BPL or Bundesliga. I don’t know how well that would fare on here, however.

  2. babazies says:

    Not bad. Online association won’t work for me, because it won’t connect to the servers (every other online gamemode works though). I like doing the fantasy drafts, but I can never get more than a few games done. There isn’t really as much of a goal as mycareer, and I get kind of bored. I hate having the number 1 pick, because I’d prefer to find value later in the first round or lottery to build my team around.


    • dalt0521 says:

      Exactly. I mean sure you can pick LeBron, KD, or Kobe and have no cap-space left for the following offseason, but down at 13 you can get Jrue Holiday, a great player with I want to say a 1.44 million dollar salary? Maybe I’m off on that, but it is still pretty low. I always try to stay under the hard-cap by about 25 million. I wonder if someone was to mess with the rosters in the regular menu, and save it under a new file, say “Legends roster”, you can put legends like Jordan, Russel, Olajuwon, etc. and you can mix them in with current players and create an off-line association with fantasy draft, just for laughs.

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