Guess the Mystery Athlete!

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Yes, it is time once again for another edition of Guess the Mystery Athlete! Last time, I gave the 5 clues about:

 Joakim Noah!

And the athlete who got it right? Eisner24!

Great job to everyone who guessed it correctly. This time, let’s see if you can guess the athlete with these 5 clues:

  • 2-time Olympic gold medalist
  • Regular triple-double threat on the court
  • 10-time All-star
  • 5-time season leader in APG
  • Won’t be Kidding around this year

Hopefully everyone can get this. I can kind of tell who just uses Google to get answers because they get some insanely wrong answers. So, I’m watching you..

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.



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