NBA2K14 News!

Capture Hello once again athletes!!!

Yes, it’s finally time to bring some NBA2K14 news! This should be very good, so let’s do this like Nike!

As you probably already know, LeBron James will be the cover athlete of NBA2K14. This is his first time being on the cover, due to the fact that EA Sports held the rights to LeBron.

If you pre-order the game, you get some special bonuses. They are:

  • Extra content for Path to Greatness mode
  • LeBron james signature skill
  • Lebron James unlocked in blacktop
  • 10,000 VC

First off, the extra content for “Path to Greatness” really intrigues me. Is that what they are calling MyCareer this year? Is that what they are calling MyTeam this year? If that’s what they are calling Creating a Legend, I honestly could care less. But the extra content could be almost anything. The Lebron James signature skill…. Interesting as well. It’s going to be flopping or receding hairline, no question. LeBron James unlocked in Blacktop mode, okay? I don’t think that many people play offline blacktop, correct me if I’m wrong. 10,000 VC, now this, this I like. I can get a nice start on my MyCareer and my MyTeam if invested correctly. Also, I’ll be playing almost non-stop.

Some gameplay news now. 2K announced the ability to block dunks in 2K14. This is good don’t get me wrong, but I’m not surprised. It should already be the game, it shouldn’t have to be announced. From what it seems, Crew Mode might make a comeback in 2K14. This of course, is greatly demanded from the 2K community. I believe Ronnie2K said on Twitter: 3R335. No one knows what he mean for sure, but speculation has arose. Many think it is “L33t Sp34k” or Leet speak. Basically, it’s a combination of letters and numbers. People somehow make the first “3” into a “C”, the “R” is obviously an “R”, the second “3” is an “E”. the third “3” is flipped 90 degrees to the right to create a “W”. The “5” many believe is an “S” to create the word “CREWS” or it is just a “5” because the “4” in PS4 + the “1” in XBOX One equals 5. Some people kind of take this a bit too far, but Crew Mode is still pretty cool to have back if it does make a return.

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.



7 thoughts on “NBA2K14 News!

  1. coolguy174 says:

    One question. Are you getting the xbox one? My friends and I are thinking of switching to the PS4 because the xbox one is not looking too great right now. We will definitely decide for sure when the consoles actually come out even though most of us won’t be getting them until Christmas 2014. Also, on a different note, I’m going to the Yankees game tomorrow. 🙂

    • dalt0521 says:

      I’m actually picking up both, and games for both on release date. I prefer Xbox One, but that’s just me. And that’s cool for the Yankees game, they played the Angels correct? Lost 8-4? Lol

  2. coolguy174 says:

    Yeah they almost came back it wsa 8-1, then it was 8-4 with a man on first and second and 2 outs. They needed one more guy on to have the tying run up. But also, there was a Yankee Museum and I got pics of Mickey Mantle’s jersey, Babe Ruth’s jersey, a baseball signed by Derek Jeter, and the 2009 World Series Trophy.

  3. Brett297 says:

    I probably won’t get the Xbox One, or the PS4, I am probably going to get a PS3. 1. It is probably going to be cheaper, due to the PS4 being sold, and 2. To check out Crew Mode.

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