30 for 30: Pacers

 Hello once again athletes!!!

It’s time for another edition of 30 for 30! I know, I’ve really been sticking to them this year. This time up, we have the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers are a very underrated team although they made it to the Conference Finals this year. Let’s do this like Nike!

 Lost in Conference Finals 4-3

PPG: 94.7 (23rd) RPG: 45.9 (1st) APG: 20.3 (28th) PA: 90.7 (2nd)

—-Players lost in offseason—–


—-Players acquired in offseason—-

  • David West (Re-signed)
  • Luis Scola (Trade)
  • Soloman Hill (Draft)
  • C.J. Watson (Free agency)
  • Chris Copeland (Free agency)

The fact that the Pacers stayed in tact this offseason, re-signing David West, and getting a guy like Copeland who can shoot, and Luis Scola only makes them more deadly. They also didn’t have Danny Granger for most of the year, due to his injuries, so they weren’t even 100% and took the Heat to 7 games. They aren’t a great scoring team, but their defense, held down by West and Hibbert, is outstanding. The Points against shows how good they were.


Record- 50-32, 3rd in East

Lineup- Hill, George, Granger, West, Hibbert

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.



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