30 for 30: Warriors

 Hello once again athletes!!!

30 for 30 is still going strong! It’s time for yet another edition. This time in the hot seat, we have the Golden State Warriors! Let’s do this like Nike!

 Lost in Semifinals 4-2

PPG: 101.2 (7th) RPG: 45.0 (3rd) APG: 22.5 (15th) PA: 100.3 (19th)

—–Players lost in offseason—-

  • Carl Landry (Free agency)

—-Players acquired in offseason—-

  • Andre Iguodala (Trade)
  • Jermaine O’Neal (Free agency)
  • Toney Douglass (Free agency)
  • Nemanja Nedovic (Draft)

The Warriors have had a solid offseason. They already had the best shooter in the game in Steph Curry. Getting one of the better Free agents out there in Iguodala really helps. But that leaves either Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes out of the starting lineup, I believe Thompson will be the guy left out here, to give Harrison Barnes good minutes so he can improve. The Warriors were making a strong push for Dwight Howard, offering David Lee to the Raptors for Andrea Bargniani to get cap space. For some reason, the Raptors rejected the deal, and got Marcus Camby and Steve Novak in return. Let’s just give them a round of applause….


Record- 52-30, 3rd in West

Lineup- Curry, Iguodala, Barnes, Lee, Bogut

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.



13 thoughts on “30 for 30: Warriors

  1. woozworldsports says:

    Dalt, would you get Jermaine O’Neal even from a free agentcy to be on your team with Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala. I mean really. Just to replace Carl Landry. I wouldn’t .

    • dalt0521 says:

      Yes, I would. Jermaine has been in the league 17 years now. He brings a veteran perspective to quite a young team. O’Neal also has a good 2 inches on Landry, so he takes up more area of the paint. It is a small downgrade as Landry averaged 10.6 PPG, 6 RPG, and an abysmal 0.4 BPG for a big man, and O’Neal averaged 8.3 PPG, 5.3 RPG, and a solid 1.4 BPG. Now to look at the value. The Warriors signed O’Neal for a respectable 2 million. Landry will be paid 6.5 million to play for the Kings this year. So with the facts I’ve presented, I would say picking up O’Neal was a smart move for Golden State.

      • babazies says:

        Sorry to eavesdrop, but I watched O’Neal last year in Phoenix. He looked great at some points. He did have some injury issues, but not as much as previous years. He still has enough left in the tank to put together another season or two of solid play. If Bogut goes down again, O’Neal can step in just fine.


      • dalt0521 says:

        Exactly. Good player and not overpaid. Bogut is still iffy for me on whether he will play 65+ games this season. With Curry, Iggy, Thompson, Lee, and I guess Barnes is in the mix, it’s not like they are expecting 25 and 11 from their big men.

      • babazies says:

        Bogut is much more dynamic than the player comparison I’m going to make, but he’s like Mario Chalmers for the Heat. He fits in well and can help when needed, but as long the rest of the team plays well, he is replaceable.


      • woozworldsports says:

        I personally think he would NOT fit in with the Warriors offense. I get he’s a veteran, but he’s old. The more he gets old, the more he’s skills will go down. Im afraid that if Warriors DO get Jermaine when they had a chance to get guys like
        Nikola Pekovic, whos 27 years old, good center for the Timberwolves. He’s willing the play a backup for Andrew Bogut, and am positive, he will get playing time because of his rebounding and his 16.3 PPG.

        Pekovic had 8.8 RPG. 16.3 PPG, and 0.8 BPG. Do you need blocks to win games? No, you need defensive big man (rebounds), offensive post man (points, assist 0.9), teamwork (one of the best PF in the league, Kevin Love. One of the most potential Centers, Andrew Bogut) and a coach that can prove, he can make this team good. (Rick Adelman, gotten long history and wasn’t the best coach. Mark Jackson, lead his Warriors to the playoffs and got very far after losing to the spurs.)

        Not only if Pekovic went to Golden State just for the teams abilities. Look at the players. David Lee, Andrew Bogut, Andre Iguodala, Harrison Barnes, Stephen Curry, and Klay Thompson. I just named the Warriors best players and if I got Pekovic, that would be 7 of the 12 players that will be good this season. 6th man of the year is on the line for him. I guarantee, If the Bulls DO NOT make it past the Miami Heat, the Warriors will make it up to a game 5 and win it. They know how to beat the Mavericks (Beat heat in 2006 and 2011). They know how to beat the Thunder. (Lost to heat 2012) They know how to beat Spurs (Lost to heat 2013) and they need REBOUNDS! Pekovic is a great rebounder. I don’t understand the Warriors decision.

        One thing I do agree about is the money, but Jermaine is going to be done, then who do you get. $13 million for a guy who was 3RD in MIP behind Ryan Anderson and Ersan llyasova. 27 years old over a 34 year old who has been in the league for 17 years and his skills are becoming weaker.

      • dalt0521 says:

        You made some good points, but I highly disagree with them. You said they know how to beat the Mavericks, Thunder, and Spurs, so they can beat the Heat. That makes no sense whatsoever. They are a completely different team that the Heat. The Heat’s only weakness is probably their big men, in which they handled by picking up Greg Oden (If he can stay healthy and play a good 5-10 minutes of the bench). You mentioned the ’06 and ’11 Mavs, they aren’t nearly the same team. Dirk is older, no O.J. Mayo, aging Vince Carter. Then you went on to say they need rebounds. Actually, no, they were 3rd in the league in that department if you read the post. You later said “6th man is on the line for him”. Actually, he wouldn’t even be the best bench player on the team as it would either be Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson. You also omitted the fact that Jarrett Jack is in Cleveland. I would throw J.R. Smith in there, but of course he’s injured. Then you said he was 3rd behind Ryan Anderson and Ersan Ilyasova for MIP. Actually, Paul George won. Greivis Vasquez and Larry Sanders finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively. But, I guess you’re referring to 2012, aren’t you? You also stated his 16.3 PPG abd 8.8 RPG. That won’t be the case when he is on the bench behind Bogut will it? He will be around the 10-12 PPG 6 RPG mark on the bench. And really, if you think Pekovic would leave Minnesota, and his cozy STARTING spot, to go to GS and sit behind Bogut, I must say you are incredibly wrong. He is still early enough in his career (Age 27) that he’s not thirsty for a championship already. The core of Rubio, Love, and Pekovic is, in my opinion, highly underrated in the league. In the Warriors offense, he wouldn’t get as many touches in the run-and-gun, fastbreaking, outside shooting offense that coach Jackson. His best chances would be when the opponents defense is already set up, and he is trailing with his 290-ish pound frame up the court, or on offensive rebounds/putbacks. The Warriors most likely wouldn’t utilize his ability to bully anyone in the paint to their fullest potential. Also, to quickly touch up on the blocks thing. You said you don’t need blocks to win games, and later contradicted your own statement saying you need a defensive big man and focused on the rebounding aspect. You do know that defense does include blocks, steals, post defense, hustling for the loose ball, and closing out on shooters, correct? Have you heard the old saying: “Defense wins championships”? The top-10 teams in the league in BPG, correct me if I’m wrong, were: Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, Denver, Indiana, Utah, Charlotte, the Clippers, Dallas, San Antonio, and Miami. Excluding Utah and Charlotte, they are all playoff teams. What do all of them on the list have in common? A shot-blocking big man. Ibaka, Sanders, McGee, Hibbert, Jefferson, Biyombo, Jordan, Brand, Duncan, and Bosh. So, if you believe you need absolutely no sort of big man that can block, you are again, wrong.

      • babazies says:

        Exactly. I agree with you. Also, Pek is going to be paid way more than the Warriors can afford. They already had to dump salary to afford Iggy. Also, you didn’t address this, but I will. He said Jermaine O’Neal’s skills are getting weaker. I honestly don’t believe that. When you get older, you depend more on your skills and fundamentals (Ex: Tim Duncan). What you lose is athleticism and speed. Jermaine O’Neal will be just fine in the BACKUP role. Remember, this isn’t a deal that will put the franchise in a chokehold. If anything, O’Neal was a steal for the money he was paid and what he can potentially bring to the Warriors.


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