30 for 30: Thunder

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Yes, it is that time once more. It’s 30 for 30 time! This time, we have my personal favorite team, the Oklahoma City Thunder! Let’s do this like Nike!

 Lost in Semifinals 4-1

PPG: 105.7 (3rd) RPG: 43.6 (6th) APG: 21.4 (21st) PA: 96.5 (9th)

—–Players lost in offseason—-

  • Kevin Martin (Free agency)

—–Players acquired in offseason——

  • Derek Fisher (re-signed)
  • Steven Adams (Draft)
  • Alex Abrines (Draft)
  • Grant Jarrett (Draft)
  • Andre Roberson (Draft)

The Thunder’s main problem this season was bench depth. That became present in the playoffs when Westbrook went down (Thanks Beverley -_-). Durant tried to pick up some of the load, but it was too big to handle. The Thunder somewhat solved their problem in the draft and picking up Dorrell Wright. But they lost their SG Kevin Martin to the T’Wolves. Either Sefolosha or Lamb will take the job now. I can see either one taking it, and I’d still be happy. Sefolosha is a lockdown defender, and Lamb is a great young talent.

I think this will be the Thunder’s year to win the chip. If the main guys stay healthy, and the bench stays well, it’s theirs to lose. I wish they would trade Kendrick Perkins, because in all honesty, he is useless. He just gets technical fouls and costs them points. They upgraded by getting Adams in the draft, though.


Record- 62-20, 1st in West

Lineup- Westbrook, Sefolosha, Durant, Ibaka, Perkins

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every single day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.



3 thoughts on “30 for 30: Thunder

  1. babazies says:

    I think you gave them too good of a record. They are getting weaker each year and there is a lot of weight on the shoulders of Jeremy Lamb’s development. It’s obvious they have a chance to get out of the west each year, but they need to look for more production from the bench. I think it’s best if they could dump Perkins for just about anything. Thabeet could start considering he still has some potential left and he gives you the same production and more height.


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