30 for 30: Celtics

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Matching title and picture once again. It’s time once again for 30 for 30, and this time up, we have the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are starting the rebuilding phase getting rid of their old stars and bringing in some new talent. Let’s do this like Nike!

 Lost in 1st round of playoffs 4-2

PPG: 96.5 (18th) RPG: 39.3 (29th) APG: 22.8 (12th) PA: 96.7 (12th)

—-Players lost in offseason—–

  • Kevin Garnett (Trade)
  • Paul Pierce (Trade)
  • Jason Terry (Trade)

—–Players acquired in offseason—–

  • Keith Bogans (Trade)
  • MarShon Brooks (Trade)
  • Gerald Wallace (Trade)
  • Kris Humphries (Trade)
  • Kelly Olynyk (Draft)
  • Colton Iverson (Draft)
  • Victor Faverani (Free agency)
  • Phil Pressey (Free agency)

As you can see, the Celtics got rid of their old players and brought in fresh, young talent (with the exception of Crash Wallace). The Celtics still have a core 3, and they are undervalued. Rondo is the best passing PG in the league, Bradley I can make a case for being the best on-ball defender, and Jeff Green can score like it’s nothing.

Newly signed coach Brad Stevens, formerly of Butler University, will have a tough task at hand. I don’t think he is expected to make this team into a playoff contender for the next few years, but if they can’t get it on track, and get lucky in the lottery, they might get Andrew Wiggans. I don’t think they will throw the season, but it could very well be what is happening. The Andrew Wiggans Sweepstakes has gone completely crazy.


Record- 27-55, 14th in East

Lineup- Rondo, Bradley, Green, Bass, Olynyk

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every single day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters. Have a great day.



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