30 for 30: Lakers

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Sorry, no matching picture. I refuse to wear Lakers and/or Heat clothes. It’s time again for 30 for 30! This time, we have the Los Angeles Lakers as requested by Coolguy174! Remember you can comment what team you want to see next in the series! Let’s do this like Nike!

 Lost in 1st round 4-0

PPG: 102.2 (6th) RPG: 44.8 (4th) APG: 22.2 (17th) PA: 101.0 (22nd)

—–Players lost in offseason—–

  • Dwight Howard (Free agency)
  • Metta World Peace (Free agency)
  • Andrew Goudelock (Free agency)

—–Players acquired in offseason—–

  • Jordan Farmar (Free agency)
  • Nick Young (Free agnecy)
  • Chris Kaman (Free agency)
  • Wesley Johnson (Free agency)
  • Ryan Kelly (Draft)

I honestly hate the Lakers. With a passion. But I can’t deny they are having a pretty good offseason. They have tested the free agency pool very well and picked up some good players. With Dwight Howard gone, Pau Gasol needs a bigger role in the offense. He can’t be 18 feet away from the hoop calling for the ball to shoot a jumper. He needs to post up, grab some O-rebounds, and then he can pop the jumper. Nick Young and Chris Kaman will help take the load off the rest of the guys if Kobe can’t return for the start of the season. Steve Nash is still a good PG, but is definitely on his last run as a pro. I don’t think he will get “Jason Kidd’d” and get moved out of the PG spot and play a smaller role at SG.

I also just have to add Coach Mike D’Antoni resembles the Pringles guy, that is all. The Lakers seem to like coaches that resemble logos (Mike D’Antoni= Pringles, Mike Brown = Potato Head, Phil Jackson = Colonel Sanders).


Record- 40-42, 9th in West

Lineup- Nash, Bryant, Young, Gasol, Kaman

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to check the blog every single day. Also, read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.

Spots are still left in the Reporters of AAS Fantasy Basketball League!


4 thoughts on “30 for 30: Lakers

  1. babazies says:

    Lakers are going to suck so bad next year. None of the moves are going to help in the near future or the long term. The Lakers are making sure that the only player under contract for 2014 is Steve Nash so they can get LeBron James, Carmelo, or Paul George. I wouldn’t be surprised if everybody avoids the Lakers mess.


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