Is LeBron the Best of All-time? Pt.1

 Hello once again athletes!!!

No. Not by a long shot. Hey again athletes! A lot of so called “experts” believe LeBron James is the best player of all-time. There are plenty of players that are better than him, from the career stand-point. I list him as the 26th best player of all-time, respectively. I’m going to list them going from 25 down to 1. This time is is the 12-25 spots. If you have any players that you disagree with, or should be ahead of LeBron, please leave it down in the comments section below. Let’s do this like Nike!

25) Gary Payton- “The Glove” was simply one of the best point guards of all time. Gary Payton was best known for his defense, being the only guard since Michael Jordan to win the Defensive Player of the Year award.

24) Patrick Ewing- Patrick Ewing was the first pick in the inaugural NBA draft lottery in 1985. After winning the Rookie of the Year award, Ewing carved out a legendary career with the New York Knicks. He was a premier defender in the middle while possessing one of the best mid-range jump shots of any big man in league history.

23) John Stockton- When it comes to pure point guards, John Stockton may be the best in NBA history. He leads all players in total assists and steals by a considerable margin and was definitely a pass-first point guard.

22) Isiah Thomas- Few point guards have been as productive on the court as Isiah Thomas. As the best player in Detroit Pistons history, Thomas led the team to three consecutive finals and two championships. He still ranks as the Pistons’ leader all time in points, assists, steals and games played.

21) Kevin Garnett- Kevin Garnett changed the game when he entered the NBA. Jumping straight out of high school and having considerable success, he paved the way for other players that were drafted out of high school.

20) Elgin Baylor- Before the NBA games were televised prominently around the world, Elgin Baylor was the first superstar to elevate his game above the court. While being a dominant shooter and rebounder, Baylor became known for his acrobatic moves through the air.

19) Dirk Nowitzki- Dirk Nowitzki is the best shooting big man of all time. Never before has the NBA seen a seven-footer able to make three-pointers with such ease.

18) Scottie Pippen- Scottie Pippen is thought of by many as just “Michael Jordan’s sidekick,” but that is a gross understatement. Pippen revolutionized the role of point-forward and was one of the greatest all-around players in NBA history.

17) Charles Barkley- Pound-for-pound and inch-for-inch, Charles Barkley may be the most dominant power forward in NBA history. Listed at 6’6” but probably closer to 6’4”, Sir Charles Barkley became one of the most dominant low-post scorers and rebounders for over a decade in the NBA.

16) Moses Malone- Before there was Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and LeBron James jumping from prep to pro basketball, there was Moses Malone. After high school, Malone spent two years in the ABA before playing 19 seasons in the NBA.Along the way he became known as one of the best centers of all time. He was known mainly for his dominant scoring and rebounding, becoming the first player to lead the NBA in rebounding for five consecutive years.

15) Julius Erving- While Elgin Baylor might have been “First in Flight” in the NBA, Julius “Dr. J” Erving took aerial acrobatics to new heights over the court. With his amazing vertical leaping ability, Erving seemed to invent new moves every night.He became famous throughout his years in the ABA and NBA for his dunking ability, including his signature dunks from the foul line. Erving is perhaps most remembered for his famous behind the backboard shot in the 1980 Finals.

14) David Robinson- David Robinson is widely regarded as one of the best centers in NBA history as he proved to be a winner while dominating on both ends of the court.Early in his career, Robinson cared less about winning but still managed to post impressive numbers, relying on his amazing athletic ability to dominate opponents. Over the first five years of his career, Robinson won a rebounding, blocks and scoring title while earning the Defensive Player of the Year award in just his third season.

13) Karl Malone- Karl Malone ranks as the greatest player in NBA history to never win an NBA Championship. Nicknamed “The Mailman” because he consistently delivered dominant performances, Malone would team with John Stockton to form one of the best duos in league history.

12) Tim Duncan- Tim Duncan has remarkably been one of the most consistent players in NBA history. By sticking to smart fundamental moves (hence, his nickname “The Big Fundamental”), Duncan became the first player to make the All-NBA and All-Defensive Team in each of his first 13 seasons in the league.

That’s it for now athletes! Next time will be the 1-11 best players of all-time. I hope  you possibly learned something from these facts, even though they are pretty common. Make sure to leave your top 25 players of all-time in the comments section! Remember to check the blog every single day and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.

Later athletes!


8 thoughts on “Is LeBron the Best of All-time? Pt.1

  1. babazies says:

    Haha! I like the way you describe the players. You sound like an old man talking about the NBA in it’s “Golden Days.” Good list so far.


    • dalt0521 says:

      Lol my bad if I sound like an old-timer who remembers the guys like Jerry Lucas or Earl Monroe. I just know quite a bit about the 80’s-now players.

      • babazies says:

        I nearly had three straight triple doubles with my Powerforward in NBA 2k13. I had 16,14,12, then 22,12,10 and in the third game I had 20,11,8. It’s really hard to get assists with a PF, because I’m used to giving it to the big men for assists with my PG. I want to leave Detroit, but were 14-3 and no other team with a decent record has a hole at PF. My current stats are 17.9 PPG 9.8 RPG 5.3 APG.


      • babazies says:

        After a 20 point 15 rebound 6 assist game I am now in the starting lineup for next game. I now average 18.1 PPG 10.1 RPG 5.4 APG.


  2. Nick says:

    I don’t think LeBron is Top 10 but he’s already better than most of the poeple on this list. I rank him 15th on my list (which is not to different from this)

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