30 for 30: Cavaliers

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Matching the picture with the title = class. How’s it going athletes? It’s time for the second installment of 30 for 30. This time, we have the new look Cleveland Cavaliers, who have made plenty of moves so far this off-season. Let’s do this like Nike!

  Missed Playoffs

PPG: 96.5 (19th) RPG: 41.0 (22nd) APG: 20.7 (26th) PA: 101.2 (25th)

Players lost in offseason: None (To this point)

Players acquired in offseason:

  • Jarrett Jack (free agency)
  • Anthony Bennett (Draft)
  • Sergey Karasev (Draft)
  • Earl Clark (Free agency)
  • Andrew Bynum -pending- (Free agency)
  • Carrick Felix (Draft)

I like what the Cavs did in the draft this year. Getting Bennett to be a combo-forward can really help out seeing as they are pretty stacked on guards. But they did get a guard in the draft, in fact he was the best shooter in the draft in my opinion. Sergey Karasev is a great shooter from most places on the floor. He should relieve some of Dion Waiters’ stress at the 2 guard spot.

Under new-old coach Mike Brown, I’m not quite sure how things will pan out seeing he doesn’t have his LeBron safety net like he did before. With Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett, Tristan Thompson, and Bynum starting, they have a really good shot at the playoffs. I can see them going as high as the 5th seed with the weak Eastern Conference. A more realistic place would probably be the 7th seed with a most likely early exit of playoffs. They Cavs still need another year to gel with all of their young talent.


Lineup- Irving, Waiters, Bennett, Thompson, Bynum

Record- 45-37, 7th place in East

That’s it for now athletes! Remember you can comment to pick which team will get done next time! Remember to check the blog every single day, and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters. Have a great day.

Later athletes. 



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