Tiers of the Position: PF

 Hello once again athletes!!!

I promise, this mini-series is almost over. I have this one, and the Center edition and I will post different material. This time we have the PF edition of “Tiers of the Position”. Let’s do this like Nike!

—-Tier 1—-

Tim Duncan- One of the top 2 PF’s of all time. Just a legend still among us. The Big Fundamental is exactly that, makes all the simple plays in his sleep.

Serge Ibaka- Ibaka is a premier shot blocker in the league. He is also developing his outside shot as he can knock it down from the land of 3’s.

Dirk Nowitzki- One of the greatest 7-foot shooters of all time. Can knock down the 3-ball and his fade away is near unstoppable.

Zach Randolph- Z-Bo is undersized, but is the best at boxing out and making himself big. Gets more rebounds than most in the league.

—-Tier 2—-

Paul Millsap- He is actually one of my favorite players, and should really take off in Atlanta.

Josh Smith- Now on the Pistons, I don’t quite know how the Smith/Monroe/Drummond situation will pan out minutes wise.

Ryan Anderson- A straight up knock down shooter. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he led the league in 3PTM year before last?

Anthony Davis- The brow is all powerful. Players entering the paint shall feel the wrath of the Brow.

Jeff Green- Really became the leader of the Celtics this year. He stepped into the role when his teammates were slacking.

Pau Gasol- Gasol is a good player. My only question is with Dwight gone, does Gasol move to center?

Andrew Nicholson- Had a very good year, although it was overshadowed by the 20 win season of the Magic.

Tristan Thompson- Is a very underrated, young player who is good for the Cavs.

David West- A great player for the Pacers. His post-game is insane. Can even knock down the mid-range jumper.

—-Tier 3—-

Carlos Boozer- Boozer is a great player for the Bulls. Could use to rebound more often. Great mid-range shooter.

Brandon Bass- Bass was solid for the Celtics and like most of the power forwards, can knock down the mid-range shot.

Andrea Bargniani- I personally think he is a bit overrated. He shoots the 3 at 7-foot tall which is great in the league.

Reggie Evans- Can get 0 points, and 20 rebounds. Excessively flops too.

Blake Griffin- He is developing a mid-range game, but is still inconsistent.

Derrick Favors- I think with Millsap out, Favors will flourish with more minutes.

Jason Maxiell- I believe he is undersized height wise but can use his body mass to grab boards.

Luis Scola- Is a great player for what he’s worth to the Suns. Solves what they need down low.

That will do for now athletes. Next time, it will be the center edition of Tiers of the Position, and that is the last part. Remember to check the blog every single day and read the amazing posts by my fellow Reporters. Have a beautiful day.

Later athletes!



6 thoughts on “Tiers of the Position: PF

  1. babazies says:

    Jeff Green was never the leader of the Celtics. He was so inconsistent and he seemed to shy away at times. More importantly, where is LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love? Those two are probably the top 2 Power Forwards in the league. I might even throw in Kenneth Faried before most of the third tier.


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