Best Shooters in the Game

 Hello once again athletes!!!

I am back once again! This time, I’m posting about the best Shooters from the floor in the NBA. Quick reminder: Leave your E-mail address below to join the Athletes of AAS Fantasy Basketball Association!! This post will be moderately short. Let’s do this like Nike!

———FG% Leaders———-

DeAndre Jordan- .643%

Dwight Howard- .578%

JaVale McGee- .575%

Serge Ibaka- .573%

LeBron James- .565%

It’s clear the league leaders are mostly big men, with some exceptions, who take shots within 10-feet from the hoop. Serge Ibaka can hit the jumper however and steps out for a 3 every-so-often. LeBron takes his ill-advised jumpers, but mostly drives to the rim for his shots.

——–3 Pt. FG% Leaders———

Jose Calderon- .461%

Kyle Korver- .457%

Steph Curry- .453%

Ersan Ilyasova- .444%

Steve Nash- .438%

These numbers don’t quite portray the best 3-point shooters in the league unfortunately. Steph Curry took 600 3-point field goals, making a record-breaking 272 of them. Calderon/Ilyasova/Nash took 626 3-pointers combined. They made 282 combined. Korver made the 4th most in the league, trailing only Curry, Ryan Anderson, and Klay Thompson. So the league is becoming a shooting game it seems, but the mid-range game is getting more and more lost as the games go on.

Here are the best shooters in the NBA at the spots on the floor:

That’s it for now athletes. Remember to leave some feedback in the comments below and check the blog every single day. I will be starting up a lot of the old contests like Guest Blogger, Caption That, Guess the mystery athlete, etc. So look for those contests!

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Later athletes!


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