Tiers of the Position: SF

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Yes, yes, it’s back again. Quick reminder, there are still plenty of spots left in the Fantasy Basketball association so leave your e-mail address below, and have an ESPN account to join! Last time, I gave my opinion on the tiers of the SG’s of the league. This time, I will do the SF’s of the league. Let’s try and make this short and simple. Let’s do this like Nike!

—-Tier 1—-

Kevin Durant- This has nothing to do with personal, team-affiliated biases. Durant is just a pure scorer and takes over games at will. Hopefully will lead OKC to a title this year. He is only getting better, which is scary.

Carmelo Anthony- Melo did win the scoring title this year, but took, and missed, plenty of shots along the way.

LeBron James- I don’t want to call him the outright best player in the league, because his jumpshot game, as well as his post game, could use some work.

—-Tier 2—-

Luol Deng- Is a great player for Chicago, although he did hit some rough patches this past season, and rumors said he would get traded but those have faded by now.

Paul George- I believe he is the future of the league. If he can develop more of a mid-range game, which seems to be lost this day and age, he will become a deadly force for Indiana.

Rudy Gay- Really has the athletic abilities to dunk on anyone who gets in his way.

Kawhi Leonard- Is a young star in the making for San Antonio and will take over the team in a short few years.

Paul Pierce- Still has some game left in the tank, but his ankles seem to get left from time to time (J. Nelson and J. Johnson). I expect a productivity reduction in Brooklyn.

Iman Shumpert- Dude got injured around same time as D-Rose, and came back and dominated in his own way. #TheReturn…ofShumpert.

Chandler Parsons- Is a great player for Houston. Really can light it up from downtown and will succeed with Harden and Howard in Houston (alliteration lol).

—-Tier 3—-

Harrison Barnes- Is a great player for GS and I hope doesn’t get a minutes cut with Iggy in town.

Nic Batum- Is a very solid player for Portland, if they can fit the pieces together, they have a great team.

Jimmy Butler- Shined very brightly for Chicago this year, and is establishing himself as a lockdown defender.

Danilo Gallinari- If he didn’t get hurt near the end of the season, the Nuggets could have made it a lot further.

Tobias Harris- Didn’t get enough time in Milwaukee, then got traded to Orlando, and became the star of the team.

Andrie Kirilenko- AK47 still has game as he proved so this year with Minnesota, but won’t return to them.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist- MKG is a good young talent to pair with Kemba and Jefferson in Charlotte. Great on-ball defender.

Tayshaun Prince- Apparently the loyalty factor wasn’t quite there with Prince and the Pistons and got traded to the Grizzlies where he had a pretty good playoffs.

And that will end this post. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated by the Reporters. Next time, I will have the Tiers of the Position Power Forward edition, so stay tuned! Make sure to check the blog every single day, and read all of the other posts by the Reporters. Have a fantastic day.

Later athletes!



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