Tiers of the Position: C

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Finally, it is the last edition of this 5-part mini-series. Let’s just try and zoom right through this? Let’s do this like Nike!

—-Tier 1—-

Dwight Howard- He is an athletic freak. He is the best center in the league, hands down.

Larry Sanders- He is becoming one of my favorite players. His defensive abilities are astonishing.

Brook Lopez- “Bropez” is becoming a stand-out player in Brooklyn. I hope Jason Kidd will give him his touches.

David Lee- Can get double-doubles at will. Gets plenty of touches down-low in GS.

Marc Gasol- The defensive player of the year is becoming one of the best centers in the league. His post-up game is incredible.

—-Tier 2—-

Greg Monroe- I am a huge fan of Monroe. I just have liked his game since he was at Georgetown.

LaMarcus Aldridge- He is so close to breaking into that Tier 1. I think if the Blazers mesh together and win consistently, he will be up there.

Andrew Bynum- Even though he didn’t play this year, and left Philly hanging, he still is a great player.

Andrew Bogut- When he stays healthy, he is somewhat reasonable to have in GS.

Tyson Chandler- Shoots a great FG% and is a defensive beast. Would be a great addition to any team.

Roy Hibbert- Defensive beast and can really dominate inside with his 7’2″ frame.

Nene- Nene is a great player for the Wizards, but maybe a tad bit overpaid.

—-Tier 3—-

Kevin Garnett- Garnett is in the middle of Tier 2 and 3. He is getting up there in age, and will have to cut down productivity in Brooklyn.

Anderson Varejao- The Cavs passing up a center in the draft shows they still have faith in Varejao.

Omer Asik- I believe his numbers weren’t worth the max contract Houston gave him, and now he is being shopped as Dwight has come in and taken his starting job.

DeMarcus Cousins- Maturity is the major issue with Cousins. I think if he can gain composure of himself, he can be the center the Kings actually pay for.

Andray Blatche- Blatche will return to Brooklyn next year. He is a very skilled player who can score inside and in mid-range.

Andre Drummond- I think he will have a much better season than his rookie year. Possibly a 12/7 type year.

This will end the short road for this posting mini-series. Comment below on some more ideas of what to post (NBA related is preferred, credit will be given). Remember to check the blog every single day, and read all of the other posts by the Reporters. Have an amazing day.

Later athletes!



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