NBA Award Predictions for 2013-14

 Hello once again athletes!!!

I said my next post would be my award predictions for the NBA’s next season, and here it is. Some of these may come as no shock, but some could. I feel like I have made my recent posts a bit too long (Approx. 1000 average from last 2), so I will try and keep this short but get my point across. Let’s do this like Nike… (catchphrase fail?)

MVP:  Kevin Durant. Now this may be a bit of personal bias, but Durant is in that 1st tier of players in the NBA. He will lead the league in scoring next year. I will guess he will go for 29/9/5 per game. More points and rebounds than LeBron.

ROY: Victor Oladipo. I believe he will add at least 10 wins to the Magic this year. That’s really not saying much considering they only won 20 games. But I believe he will average 16/5/5 and be the clear winner like Lillard this year.

DPOY: Larry Sanders. I think he got robbed of the award this year. Marc Gasol did good this year, but Sanders was on a whole new level. Sanders averaged 9.5 boards, 2.8 blocks, and .8 steals in his 3rd year out of VCU. He will average 10 boards, 2.7-3.0 blocks, and around 1 steal per game.

SMOY: Jarrett Jack. He did exceptional in a backup role in Golden State, but has moved on to Cleveland to backup Irving. He averaged 12.9 PPG and 5.5 APG this year and I expect a 14/7 type year of the bench.

COY: Maurice Cheeks. I think if he can teach his players well, including newest acquisition Josh Smith, they could surprise the league. This is a longshot, but Cheeks could teach his defensive mentality to his players to clog the paint and jump passing lanes.

MIP: Paul Millsap. I love Millsap. I think if the Hawks can get him the touches he deserves, he will explode for a huge year. I can see a 20/8/5 year with 1 block and 2 steals per game. Second option would be Andre Drummond. He’s been working with Hakeem Olajuwan over the summer and could have a great sophomore season.

Eastern Conference Champions: Chicago Bulls

Western Conference Champions: Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA Champions: Oklahoma City Thunder

Finals MVP: Kevin Durant

That will do it for now, make sure to comment if you differ on any of my predictions. Feedback is always welcomed here. My upcoming posts will be my NBA Standings Predictions, Tiers of the Position, and many more. Make sure to check the blog every single day, and read the other outstanding posts by the Reporters. Have a great day.

Later athletes!


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