What kind of Baller are you?

  Hello once again athletes!!!

I am once again back with yet another post. I’ve really been putting out these posts every few days. This time, I want to talk about what kind of Baller you are. This relates more or less to Basketball, considering it’s all I play now, stopped playing all my other sports to focus on Basketball. I want you to share your history with basketball, your position you play, what style you play, and maybe a favorite moment. Leave your response in the comments section below.

I started playing actual basketball when I was about 4 or 5. I was decent until roughly 3rd-ish grade. I started to actually practice daily and I started to ameliorate. But I could really only shoot the outside shot considering I was short. I averaged something like 23 points primarily because I didn’t like to pass, but that changed later on.

Skipping ahead to let’s say 8th grade. I had developed and inside game to go with my dominant outside game. By then I had started my daily routine, that I kept for 5 years, give or take a day here and there, of 1 hour of basketball before school and 2 hours after on school days and 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening on weekends, breaks, and summer. I had a big house with a big backyard and I bought myself 2 basketball hoops and had a bituminous court with my favorite team’s logo in the middle, the Sonics. I later had it changed to the Thunder when they relocated. I had the NBA 3 point line and the paint exactly the same size as the real measurements. 94×50.

Then skip to sophomore year  in high school. I grew about 6 inches over summer and came in at a reasonable 5’11”. I then became a great rebounder, I dominated the other school’s teams and ended with some crazy averages of 29/5/8. I had always been a good defender, jumping passing lanes, anticipating shots, ripping ball handler’s pockets. That translated nicely into roughly 2 steals and 3 blocks per game. I will always remember that year for my best game to date. It was the championship for the league and I went ham on the defense. I dropped 48 points on them in what became a near quad-dub. I still kick myself for missing an easy block at the end of the game that would have given me 10, but nothing I can do now. We won confortably to win the trophy.

My best memory that isn’t a whole game was junior year. We were down by 12 in the 4th, and I had rolled my ankle on an and-one in the 2nd and had sat most of the game. I was itching to get back in then the backup point guard fouled out and the coach decided to put me in. First possession I tried to do a crossover and fell, turning the ball over. My teammates said the crossover was so good, it broke my own ankles (Skills?). Then I realized I couldn’t use speed or dribble moves to get by defenders so I just shot over them. I also kind of cherry picked, I ran down the court and didn’t try for a rebound. We had like 12 seconds left and we were down 2. The coach drew up a play, not for me, but it didn’t pan out and I got the ball and drained a little clock. I came off a screen and launched a 3 right before the buzzer, no replays so I guess I got it off in time, and banked it in. I landed on the bad ankle and fell over.

Second best memory is probably first in-game dunk, but this post is way too long.

That’s it for now. Sorry for the incredibly long post. Comment below if you read it all and also leave your best memory, position, and play style of basketball. Don’t forget to read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters. Have a wonderful day.

Later athletes!



5 thoughts on “What kind of Baller are you?

  1. babazies says:

    I’ve generally ranged from Shooting Guard through Center. I’ve never been dominant enough to take it seriously, but injuries have hindered my seriousness toward basketball, too. I’ve had back injuries (nothing serious) and most recently Planter Fasciitis (Joakim Noah injury). I generally played the big man spot Freshman year, but I was only about 6 feet tall. My shot hasn’t been too consistent. I can be draining threes and off balance fadeaways one game and then can’t make anything the next. This weakness would probably make me a volume shooter and scorer. I haven’t dunked in game, but I’ve been able to dunk during practices. My favorite memory isn’t really a good one, but I like it for some reason. My team was losing pretty bad and I had been making lazy passes all game. I threw the ball away and they got the steal. I had finally had enough and sprinted down the court to chase him. I pretty much wrapped him around the arms and he fell to the floor. I got called for a foul, but it felt good to get some anger out. I don’t keep track of my stats (I go on a game by game basis) so I don’t have numbers.


    • dalt0521 says:

      I haven’t been injured that much, well aside from the occasional twist of the ankle or jammed fingers. The only reason I know my stats is the coaching staff liked to keep them for some reason. My one weakness is probably dribble moves. I don’t get fancy with the dribbles just simple moves like crossovers and hesitations. That memory is funny though. I don’t really show emotion on the court, I always say “shooters mentality”. If I miss like 3 shots, I just forget it happened. I’ve only had 3 or 4 in-game dunks and they were just fastbreaks. Nothing flashy.

  2. eric2323 says:

    lol it always feels good to let anger out, i would laugh at myself for missing good looks but later on it turns to temper and quick fouls, my best memory is when one of my teammates wrestles and so during the game the ball was on the floor both teams dove for it and he and this other guy came up with and my teammate picked him up with the ball and yanked it so the other dude fell to the ground hard like u could here his body slap the ground and didnt play the rest of the game, my team isnt usually successful so that also brings anger to me, never really been a offensive guy i do get lots of nice assists but i dnt shoot alot maybe 5 shots a game, my defense is great just like u passing lanes and picking pockets actually defense was kinda easy for me i always thought just get the ball and then my body would just react to the plays

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