Who is the dirtiest player in the NBA?

 Hello once again athletes!!!

I am back again with another post! This time it is about dirty play in the NBA. Some players have a reputation for being a dirty player. They will call it “being tough” or “asserting themselves”. If it is good defense, it could be considered asserting themselves in the paint, but if it is an unneccessary foul, it is just being dirty. When you here the words “dirty player” referring to the NBA, it is synonymous with Metta World Peace, otherwise known as Ron Artest. Considering he did get suspended for 73 games in ’04, and elbowing my man James harden in the head, I’d say that is a valid argument. Most being tend to omit the fact that Latrell Sprewell was suspended for 68 games for choking, and threatening to kill then coach PJ Carlesimo. The Warriors terminated his contract later on.

Personally, the dirtiest player in the NBA right now, is Dwayne Wade. Just think of all of the uncalled for things Wade has done:

1. Kicked Gerald Henderson in his…. Uhhhh… Man hood.

2. Launched himself at Kevin Garnett for because Garnett put a hard screen on Mike Miller.

3. Dropped the shoulder on Darren Collison on a fastbreak.

4. Elbowed Lance Stephenson in the temple in this year’s ECF.

5. Shoved down Rip Hamilton when he had the ball.

6. Tossed Mike Bibby’s shoe out of bounds, Bibby is a former teammate.

7. Broke Kobe’s nose in the All-star game…. The All-star game!

8. The worst one of them all, throws down Rondo and breaks his elbow.

These are just some reasons Wade is a dirty player. I honestly can’t stand Dwayne Wade. I was busting out laughing when Thabo Sefolosha straight ripped Wade in the backcourt and reverse dunked all over him in Game 3 of last years Finals.

Other prominent dirty players are: Isiah Thomas (really any of the guys from the Bad Boy Pistons), Kendrick Perkins, Derek Fisher, Kevin Garnett, and Reggie Evams.

Who do you think is the dirtiest player in the NBA? Comment below to leave your opinions!

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Later athletes!


5 thoughts on “Who is the dirtiest player in the NBA?

  1. Gabriel Myrie (@GMyrie) says:

    You’re not thinking straight if you think that Dwyane not Dwayne wade is the dirtiest player in the nba. Kevin garnett is obviously the dirtiest player. I don’t know what you have against a great person on and off the court. You’re just a hater

    • dalt0521 says:

      I actually listed the dirty things he has done. Maybe stop riding his…. Nevermind. Name somethingthat KG has done that has resulted in worse than breaking an elbow…

  2. Brett297 says:

    I think Chris Anderson is… He always has that feeling that he is going to do something dirty in his eyes… getting technicals every once in a while.

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