Snapback/Jersey Bracket Battle! + Caption That Winners!

 Hello once again athletes!!!

I am back once again with another Snapback Bracket Battle! Last time we had a great match between a Cleveland Cavalierssnapback, and a Milwaukee Bucks snapback. The winner by only 1 vote was:

 Cleveland Cavaliers won 6-5.

The winners of the snapbacks will move on the the next round: Thunder, Pelicans, Warriors, and Cavaliers.

Now for a new NBA item to vote on: Jerseys! This should be a lot more interesting considering the amazing jerseys we have in the bracket. First up:


Throwback Milwaukee BucksRay Allen jersey by Champion on the left, Military Night Toronto Raptors jersey by Adidas on the right. 2 very stunning jerseys.

Vote now!!!

Now for the Caption That! winners. These funny guys were:

Brett297- Iverson: “Is there a stain on my jersey?”
Kobe: “Yeah”
Iverson: ‘Oh, where at?”
Kobe: “It’s all over your jersey”

Coolguy174- Kobe: To be as good as me, you gotta practice Allen.
Iverson: Practice? You talkin’ bout practice?

My caption for the picture is:

Iverson: How’d you get so good, Kobe?

Kobe: I went to PRACTICE…

That’s it for now athletes! Remember to check the blog every day and read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters. Have a great day!

Later athletes!


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