Snapback Bracket Battle! + Caption That!

  Hello once again athletes!!!

I am back once more with another Snapback Bracket Battle! Last time we had the biggest blowout yet in the series. We of course had the Sacramento Kings vs the Golden State Warriors snapbacks. The winner was:

 Golden State Warriors won 16-3.

Now for this matchup which is the last of the first round in this bracket. The snapbacks this time around are:


One the left there is a Cleveland Cavaliers snapback by New Era and on the right there is a Milwaukee Bucks snapback, also by New Era. I sure hope this one is much closer than the last.

Vote now!!!

Now for the second contest: Caption That! Let’s see all of you funny people go to work with this picture:

Leave your caption in the comments below!

Remember to check back every single day. Also read all of the amazing posts by the Reporters.

Later athletes!


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