Snapback Bracket Battle!

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Once again it’s time for a Snapback Bracket Battle! You guys have really been showing support for this series, and it’s appreciated greatly. This matchup I thought would be a lot closer, however I was wrong. The winner of this matchup was:   The New Orleans Pelicans!    Won 9-3

Now for the next matchup! This is the second to last matchup in this bracket. This time around we have:


On the left w have a Sacremento Kings Mitchell and Ness snapback and on the right we have a Golden State Warriors snapback by New Era. Both of these look very nice, don’t you agree? But you can only choose one, so choose wisely.

Vote Now!

If you haven’t noticed already, I tried not to pick the snapbacks based on the teams, but rather the style. I didn’t want this to become a team battle instead of a snapback battle.

Remember to check the blog every day!

Later athletes!


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