Results! + New Bracket Battle!

  Hello once again athletes!!!

Back once again! You guys really showed great support for the contests over the past few days, and it is appreciated! The winner(s) of Caption That are:

Brett297- Ref with thumbs up: “Looking good in front of the camera!”
Other refs: “Man I told you not to hire this doofus.”

Eisner24- *looks at camera* Don’t worry David Stern, we’ll make sure the Heat/Lakers win the game. *winks*

Jok34- Jason Kidd in 2050

You guys are hilarious. My caption for the picture is: The Miami Heat’s new big 3.

I will be keeping track of who wins and later on down the line, a grand champion shall be crowned.

Brett, Eyes, and Jok all have 1.

And now for the winner of the first matchup in the Snapback Bracket Battle.

Now for the next matchup in the bracket.


On the left, we have a New Orleans Pelicans snapback with the new logo by New Era. And on the right we have a grey Brooklyn Nets snapback by Mitchell and Ness. Once again, I won’t be voting, but you still can!

Vote Now!

I think this one will be a lot closer!

Remember to read all of the other posts by the Reporters! Check back on every single day, and have a good day.


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