Snapback Bracket Battle! + Caption That!

   Hello once again athletes!!!

I’m back once more. This time around, I want to start up the contest of Snapback Bracket Battle again. I feel it could kickstart the blog and possibly get it going well again. Technically this is just NBA Apparel because it is made of 2 brackets: Snapbacks and jerseys. Then the winner of each bracket will face the other winner for an ultimate champion. I obviously won’t vote on any of this stuff due to being biased because I have most of this stuff. Shall we begin?


On the left we have a New Era Hardwood Classics Thunder snapback and on the right we have an Adidas Electricity Collection Bobcats snapback. Both are very nice quality, colour scheme and go with the teams other gear such as a jersey, or hoodie. Basically all of the things you look for in a snapback.

Vote Now!!!  

Now the second part of the post. Caption That!!! Many of you have been asking for it. So I feel that I could bring it back. I want you to give a funny caption for this picture:

That’s it for now. Comment your captions and vote on the poll. Remember to read all of the other amazing posts by the Reporters!!!


5 thoughts on “Snapback Bracket Battle! + Caption That!

  1. Brett297 says:

    Ref with thumbs up: “Looking good in front of the camera!”
    Other refs: “Man I told you not to hire this doofus.”

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