NBA2K14 Dream Team? + USA Mini Camp

   Hello once again athletes!!!

I am back once more! Since 2K14 is right around the corner, I want to get a jump on some activities I would like to do with it. I want to make a “Dream Team” of everyone who is active on the blog still. I tried with 2K13 but it didn’t quite pan out. You can nominate up to 2 of your MyCareers in 2K14. Then me and fellow Reporter Eisner24 (if your good with it) will pick the roster. I then will make it on 2K14 and play games, possibly record as well. Here is just a quick poll to gauge the overall thoughts:

Now for the second part of the post. The USA basketball camp has just announced its participants. This is the “B” team so there won’t be many superstars, but there will be great young talent.

Guards- Bradley Beal, Mike Conley, DeMar DeRozan, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Ty Lawson, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, Dion Waiters, Kemba Walker, John Wall

Forwards- Ryan Anderson, Harrison Barnes, Anthony Davis, Kenneth Faried, Derrick Favors, Taj Gibson, Gordon Hayward, Kawhi Leonard, Chandler Parsons

Centers- Larry Sanders, DeMarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, DeAndre Jordan, Tyler Zeller

All of those guys are great players. 26 guys go into training camp, 12-15 (pending) come out on the “B” team. I believe the roster will look something like this:

Guards- George, Irving, Lillard, Conley, Thompson, Wall

Forwards- Anderson, Barnes, Davis, Faried, Leonard

Centers- Sanders, Monroe, Drummond

That is a pretty decent line-up. Starters would most likely be: Irving, George, Leonard, Davis, and Sanders. Great defenders there and some decent offense. Coaching staff is great with Krzyzewski, Boeheim, Thibodeau, and Monty Williams. Great coaching….. and then there’s Monty Williams. It could be a great thing for the young stars to get some pointers and quality coaching.

Comment below to try and join the Dream Team, and comment your roster for the “USA Team B”.

Remember to check the blog every single day! Have a great day.


16 thoughts on “NBA2K14 Dream Team? + USA Mini Camp

  1. Brett297 says:

    I’d like to enter MyPlayer.


    47.3 PPG

    13.7 APG

    7.6 RPG

    4.2 SPG

    1.1 BPG

    He is a 79 Overall, still trying to make him better. He is a Point Guard, but in case if the PG spot is taken, i’ve made a lot with Shooting Guard with the Rockets cause of Jeremy Lin. Either Position would work for me.


  2. babazies says:

    I think it would be fine if we create the team in NBA 2k13, too. There is still 4 months before the next game. I would watch your recordings if you were to post. In other news, I got my first triple-double and my team’s 22nd straight win (32-7). I had 30 points, 11 rebounds, and 18 assists.


  3. drew2458 says:

    I would like to enter myplayer

    32.6 PPG

    6.3 APG

    11 RPG

    2.5 BPG

    I play small forward and sometimes Power Forward but mostly Power Forward but most of my assists come from small forward and I am playing with the Chicago Bulls right now and my overall is an 85 in my 2nd season

  4. Jok34 says:

    I would like to enter my player. She is a true baller

    48 BMins (Bench Minutes )
    20 Cpg (Claps per game)
    10 H5pg (High Fives)
    2.69 Fpg (Farts per game) League Leading*

    Name: Justin Bieber
    Pos: Left Bench

    Also have a Kevin Hart if you wanna see his stats too

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