NBA 2K13 MyCareer Update!

eyes Hey Athletes! Been awhile since I’ve last posted about anything. I’m here with a NBA 2K13 update. I think I said I wouldn’t make posts about NBA 2K13, but I felt the need to. This is my “MyCareer “ from my PC version. That means I can only use skill points and you don’t get a lot of skill points each game (only about 120 skill points per game, 1000 SP for a signature skill).



Now to the basics. I got selected 16th overall by the Houston Rockets (16 points 14 assists in predraft game). I spent my first 14 games with Houston. If you didn’t know, the Portland Trailblazers is my favorite team. I requested a trade to Portland but got sent to San Antonio. The Spurs were 9-6 when I arrived and we are now 24-7. We are currently on a 14 game winning streak.

I am a Scoring Point Guard, but as you can see, I love to pass and get my teammates involved. Since it’s difficult to upgrade my player with Skill points, it’s taken some time to get my numbers up. With my past players, I’m usually averaging 20+ PPG and 12+ APG. I’m currently a 68 overall and I’m on the rise. I’ve already achieved Rookie of the Month for the first month and Player of the Week for December 8-15.

The Spurs have played 31 games, but I have only played 30. My averages are 15.2 PPG, 2.9 RPG, 14.5 APG, 0.9 SPG, 0.3 BPG. Also, I average a LEAGUE LEADING 4.1 TOPG (turnovers per game). I have a big problem turnovers in this game. I also shoot 48.0 % FG and 41.1 % 3PT. Though the stats aren’t amazing, I have averaged 20.4 PPG, 3.4 RPG, and 19.9 APG though my last 14 games. I am also shooting 53.5% FG and 41.8 % 3PT in those games.



Sorry for the long post!

Later Athletes!

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12 thoughts on “NBA 2K13 MyCareer Update!

  1. Brett297 says:

    Perfect timing, on the Spurs while the Spurs are in the Finals! Lol

    I’m on the Houston Rockets right now. I’m trying to get a lot of assists, but whenever I pass to an open teammate, they always MISS! So I was wondering if you have any tips for me to get more assists easily and quickly (Btw it is on the Wii console)

    • babazies says:

      I totally understand understand what you mean. Seeing that I used to be on the Rockets, I had the same problems with missing. On San Antonio, I have the problem with Tiago Splitter and Dejuan Blair missing easy layups. The key is to get it to them wide open under the basket. It doesn’t work all the time, but it’s worth a try. Also, you could save up and get “Dimer” signature skill, because I think it increases the chance they make it. The frustration the Rockets brought on me caused me to demand a trade. If you like the Rockets, then stay, but if you want players to finish at the basket, choose another thing. Sorry for the long response, lol.


      • Brett297 says:

        Yeah, I was thinking about getting traded. I checked my trade thing and it said Spurs, Thunder, and Raptors are interested in me.

      • babazies says:

        Spurs are a great option. Duncan is a beast when you get him in the right spot. Him and Tony Parker are beast from mid range. I still have Stephen Jackson and he and Ginobili are great from 3. Thunder have KD, so…. it’s a good option.


      • Brett297 says:

        Well, I just finished a game, and it said no one was interested in me. So looks like I’m staying in Houston.

      • babazies says:

        You could still request for a trade. The Grizzlies and Nets were interested in me, but I requested for Trailblazers, GS, and the Grizzlies. I got lucky and happened to be traded to the Spurs. If you get traded to a team you don’t want, I think it takes around 5 games to get the option to request again. What is your record with Houston?


      • Brett297 says:

        Ok, the Rockets are 11-17 in My Career, the biggest reason why we have a losing record is cause I got injured twice in the season.

      • babazies says:

        Unless you like Houston, I would try to trade. I would try to go to a playoff team. After I left Houston, they started to play terrible and I am on a 17-game winning streak with SA now.


      • Brett297 says:

        Ok i’m probably gonna trade. Cause Houston is already terrible with me, but to imagine them without me, Oh Man!!!

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