Results of Predictions and Awards

eyes  Hey Athletes! Long time no post. As the NBA season winds down, I would like to see how my predictions turned out for breakout and declining players. Also, I will choose who will win what award.

Okay, first breakout player was DeMarcus Cousins.


18-20 PPG

12-13 RPG                          



17.1 PPG

9.9 RPG

Comments: I feel he just wasn’t mature enough for my prediction. Hey, there is always next year.

Next breakout play was Paul George.


15-16 PPG

6-7 RPG



17.5 PPG

7.6 RPG

Comments: Paul George wowed me with his play this season, especially in the All-star game.


Kobe Bryant- I was close with PPG, but he didn’t really decline.

Devin Harris- Lou Williams injury gave Harris more time and he scored 3 more points than predicted.


MVP- LeBron James (Had a really good season and I can’t argue what he’s done)   lebrick

DPOY- Larry Sanders ( Has a great name and made a big difference on this side of the floor) the lar

COY- George Karl ( No allstars plus a 3 seed? Great Coach)

MIP- Nikola Vucevic (Look how many 20 rebound games this guy had. Runner up: Asik) magic white guy

ROY- Damian Lillard ( No serious argument for anyone else and let the 19 points and 6 assists talk) roy

Playoff Prediction

I think that all the serious injuries in the East and the Thunder the only likely candidate, I predict the Heat win the title again.

Later Athletes!

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12 thoughts on “Results of Predictions and Awards

  1. Brett297 says:

    My Playoff Picks

    East: Heat over Bucks, Pacers over Hawks, Bulls over Nets, Knicks over Celtics

    West: Thunder over Rockets, Spurs over Lakers, Warriors over Nuggets, and Grizzlies over Clippers.

  2. yankeekyle says:

    nah grizzlies are gonna beat thunder, tony allen just has to good of defense on the perimeter for kd, and zach randolph and marc gasol will stop him in the paint, along with perkins and ibaka, and westbrook is out, so in my opinion grizzlies will make it to the finals.

  3. OfficialShaq says:

    To Chef, ChefBahamas I want to come back to nice self and ask for my position on the Blog back :).. I’ve seen that the blog hasn’t been active since April 14th… If I can get back on the blog.. Ill post the latest about sports… You won’t regret it 🙂 Please Chef invite me back…

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