Crazy MyTeam Games + Market Watch

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Lately, I have been getting a lot of crazy MyTeam games. I have been on a mean winning streak that has carried out over 22 games in the 1st seed. For instance, I played a guy who had a similar line-up but no signature skills on his players. My team salary has been at 3850 with my current line-up which I haven’t changed since the streak began. We went into 7 overtimes and in that 7th OT, I hit a clutch, mid-range jumper with Rudy Gay and followed that with an up-and-under move with Bill Russell. The final score was 147-142 which is by far the most I’ve ever scored. Then another game was just absolute destruction. He had all bronze players, which means he had all 3-point shooters, and after the game I asked him what seed he was in, he said he was in the 5th seed. Like really 2K? Bad matchmaking but it was real late at night (or early morning, whatever you prefer ). He got 6 points at halftime and finished with 17 to my 61. I also gave him props for not quitting out on the game, it took courage.

My lineup has been:

PG’s are D-Rose, Tim Hardaway, and Jerry West

SG’s are Jordan and Andre Iguodala

SF’s are Domonique Wilkins and Rudy Gay

PF’s are Bill Russell, Shawn Kemp, and Kevin Love

C’s are Wilt Chamberlain and Shaq

A lot of Posterizers, Highlight Films, Floor Generals, Defensive Anchors, and a Shot Creator. 3850 VC per game and I don’t even have to play anymore but it’s fun.

Now for the second part of this post. The market watch! This is just some players that I have picked up and it’s still not too late to flip them for a profit.

Wayne Ellington- I got him for 250 VC when he was still on the Grizzlies, and ever since he was traded the Cleveland he has gone nowhere but up in value. He is now at 5913.

Tobias Harris- Also got him for 250 VC, got traded, now at 6579.

Tyler Hansbrough- I think I picked im up around 5800 or so, David West got hurt, he’s currently 8227 but it might be a bit late for him now.

Maurice Harkless- Another 250 VC guy, he’s been getting good minutes, now at 8023.

Earl Clark- got him for like 800, Gasol got injured, he got some minutes, I sold him at his peak of around 9000.

Luke Walton- honestly can’t remember purchase price, couldn’t have been more tan 750, now hes at 7486.

See all this profit you can make? This is how I get a lot of my VC! It’s just waiting for you to collect!

Stay Classy, San Diego!


6 thoughts on “Crazy MyTeam Games + Market Watch

  1. babazies says:

    Good post! I just got Larry Bird (I don’t play it too much). Is it just me or is he shot release a little messed up? I don’t know, but keep up the updates.


  2. babazies says:

    I don’t know if I told you about my “My Career” player. It’s an athletic PG and I went 2nd to the Bobcats. I immediately got traded to the Blazers (by request). I requested they also traded for some bench depth. Were currently the 7th seed with about 20 games to go. I average 22.7 PPG 6.7 RPG 11.8 APG. Talk to you later


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