Want to make tons of VC?

 Hello once again athletes!!!

Do you find it difficult to earn VC in NBA2K13? I have tons of methods that I use to get all of the VC I have earned. It will take some time and you will have to have a decent amount of VC too start but it is all worth it. Trust me.

First, take about 18k VC and enter MyTeam mode. Buy every single player that is worth 250 VC and just stash them in your collection. Once they have a good game, they will go up in VC. At that point sell that player and you just made a profit on him. Towards the end of the season, when teams are either in or out of playoff contention, they will start giving their “scrub” players more playing time and even some starts. That’s when a lot of those 250 VC players will go up in value. When the season ends, sell all of the players that were once 250 VC  and you should get your 18k back plus whatever profit you acquired during the season. You could probably get anywhere from 5-8k in profit and that can get you a good silver player in MyTeam, you can use it to boost your MyCareer, or you can buy some accessories for your MyPlayer.

Also in MyTeam, try and buy some purple “season kick-off” packs in the booster menu. You get a guaranteed player and sometimes you get a good current player who is worth some VC. From purples I have gotten Danny Granger twice (15k VC x2), Omer Asik (20k), David West (19k), Kawhi Leonard (18.5k), Anthony Davis (18k), Amir Johnson (17.5k), Damian Lillard (16k), Jeff Green (15k), Evan Turner (15k), Nate Robinson (13.5k), Roy Hibbert (13k), Jeremy Lin (13k), and this list could go on for a while. My point is you can get a good profit in the purple packs.

In purple packs, I got the players listed above in purple packs worth 3k each. There’s 12 players above, 1 I got twice, and that comes out to 39k spent. The value of them is 208.5k VC!!!! If I were to sell them I would get a profit of 169.5k VC. You can max out your MyCareer, buy some accessories for your MyPlayer, and still have enough to buy some good (gold) players on the market. Then you can dominate your way up to the 1st seed and maybe we can play each other?

This option doesn’t work a lot, it is based mostly on luck. In bronze packs I have gotten 2 gold players, one legend and one current. I have gotten Tim “Crossover” Hardaway and  Joakim Noah in Bronze packs. Hardaway is a great player in the game and Noah is pretty much overrated and overpriced. Yes, I sold him for about 21k VC profit.

I hope these methods work for you like they did for me. And then you can be swimming in VC! I have some new videos on my Youtube Channel:

Stay Classy, San Diego!


5 thoughts on “Want to make tons of VC?

  1. coolguy174 says:

    I quit and saved a game once, now I try playing my game and whenever I save it says “Error communicating to server” and then nothing saves and it brings me back to the main menu. I can’t resume my career now, do you know what’s wrong?

  2. babazies says:

    You could also try the app I think called “MyNBA2k” in the app store. The app is free and I think you can get up to 1K VC per day. If you want more, you can get the 1K then delete and redownload for more.


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