Return from the Dead?

 Hello once again athletes!!!

You- OMG!!! Dalt where have you been I thought you exploded from over eating bacon!

Well,,, not yet 🙂 but for real I have been so busy, it’s not even funny anymore. Ever since I got accepted to Stanford, its been essay this, book report that. Honestly, they aren’t mandatory but I need good grades…. you know how it is. And since NBA2K13 came out, I have even less time. But some updates on NBA2K13 I have are: I got the Dynasty Edition (beast), 99 overall MyCareer Athletic PG on the Hornets (1st overall draft pick), In my 5th season MVP all years and career averages are 38.7 PPG, 16.2 APG, 11.3 RPG, 3.1 BPG, and 2.3 SPG.

My MyPlayer career VC earnings just hit 1.5 million not too long ago, most going into MyTeam. In MyTeam i am the 1st seed got so many legends it’s quite remarkable. (Jordan, Bill Russel, Bird, Magic, Hakeem “The Dream”, David Robinson, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Isiah Thomas, Wilt Chamberlain, Patrick Ewing, Tim “Crossover” Hardaway, Penny Hardaway, Bill Lambeer, Dominique Wilkins, Gary Payton, Chris Mullin, Shaquille O’neal, Shawn Kemp, Walt Frazier, Shawn Kemp, Bob Dandridge, John Stockton, John Havlicek, Robert Parish, James Worthy, Mark Price, Maurice Cheeks, Otis Thorpe, Jerome Kersey, Bill Bridges, Lou Hudson, Tom Heinsohn, Detlef Shrempf, Hersey Hawkins (one of rarest if not the rarest in the game), Dennis Rodman, Mark Aguirre, Larry Nance, George Gervin, Byron Scott, LaPhonso Ellis, Dikembe Motumbo, Alonzo Mourning, Rudy LaRusso). That’s 44 gold legends I have gotten *insert troll face here* but I am disappointed for one reason. I don’t have Allen Iverson! That’s most likely the one player I could ever want but 2k gives me the people listed above. But I have a respectable collection, not to brag, so it’s ok I guess.

Also, I might start a gaming channel on Youtube. I would do commentaries, giveaways, subscriber matches in NBA2k13, Madden 13, Assassins Creed 3, Tomb Raider, even though I have already beaten the last games. Is this a good idea? Would you guys support and watch me? Leave a comment below.

I would do a weekly MyTeam challenge, which is what me and my friends do a lot i.e. All Center lineup, All PG lineup, All 3-pt cheesers lineup, All rebounders challenge etc.. All in the 1st seed! So far I am 19-2 in said challenges, with losses coming on All rebounding challenge, and All “C”s or below in every stat challenge. It’s actually very fun just trolling 1st seed players with all gold teams.

Anyways, I don’t want to take too long. Just a quick question, how many people have continued to read this blog? Everyone who reads this please comment below to show support and let’s get this blog back up and running! Remember to subsribe to our amazing Youtube channel, like this post, and show how much of a true boss you are!

The video–

Stay Classy, San Diego!


25 thoughts on “Return from the Dead?

      • Brett297 says:

        Hey Dalt! It’s been a long time that we’ve all talked in a while! Well, my NBA 2K13 my career is going really well. The only problem is that the rosters are a year behind, so it doesn’t Anthony Davis’s draft class, it has Kyrie Irving, and Brandon Knight, etc. But this is on the Wii.

        But anyways, I’m on the New Orleans Hornets as well, except this year, still a PG, haven’t played it in a while,

        Averages: 20 pts, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, 7 steals (improved on that), and like 2 blocks per game (estimated averages). I will probably post some more videos on that. Finally, a starter, I am a 93 overall too.

  1. drew2458 says:

    yeah im not sure what a connected careers is it like a online dynasty or a online career mode?
    and on the 2k13 game just a suggestion if u could do both madden and the association on 2k13

    • dalt0521 says:

      Yeah I guess I might get some Association in but not too much of it. And Connected Careers is an online career mode of sorts, you can play your career player vs one of your friends’.

  2. babazies says:

    Wow, you’re lucky with the legends. My team is PG: Tim Hardaway (pack) SG: Tony Allen SF: Nic Batum PF: David West C: Patrick Ewing (pack). My bench has some scrubs like Austin Rivers, Reggie Evans, Steve Kerr, Perry Jones 3, and my sixth man Chris Mullin. Keep in touch, man. I’ll definitely support you.


    • dalt0521 says:

      Thanks Eyes, that means a lot. About a million VC, and the “win 2 RTP games, open 1-3 purple packs until a silver, then go to gold packs” trick seems to work. I wish 2K would rotate the players around some, if I get another Isiah Thomas I’ll scream lol. I’ll try and make some time every week to com back and see what’s good.

  3. dalt0521 says:

    I always do two save files of the same MYCareer to avoid corruption. Just make one career, save it on 2 files, play like 5 with one save file and 5 with the other and just alternate. Too late now but for 2K14 I guess.

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