RoAA Q&A Answers!

Hey Athletes! Well I am sad to inform you that I am not going to make a video on the Q&A, however I am still going to answer your questions. So here it is your long waited answers to those questions that have never been answered before. Hope you enjoy!

Question(s) from: awesomedude46

“Okay, i have a lot of questions
1. How come you never post
2. why can’t i be a reporter
3. Why don’t you do any games on the blog
4. Why is chef obsessed with bacon”


1. We are busy with school, sports, and our personal lives, so we cannot post as much as we used to although I am trying to post more often so this blog won’t go completely dead.2. We don’t really know you that well and we are full on reporters.
3. Again we are busy with school, sports, and our personal lives.
4. Chef isn’t obsessed with bacon Eyes, Smooth, and Dalt are plus bacon is delicious.

Question from: Coolguy174 & Nickelodeon12

“One question to Suns: One day you said I should be on RoAA. I’m not trying to beg, but will I ever be on RoAA?”


In my opinion I (Suns) would like to see you both on the blog one day, however I just don’t know when the right time is.

Question(s) from: Drew2458

“I got a few questions for u guys
1. How long will it be till u guys post caption that or athlete versus it seems like its been a while.
2. Nicks got a cool website called “sportsmaster” do y’all like it?
3. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop.”


1. I have been trying to get all the reporters back on here and get them posting, however that will be hard with us always being busy with our personal lives and school work.2. I (Suns) think the website is pretty good, he has some good ideas. I cannot wait too see more of it in the future.
3. The world may never know.

Well those are all the questions that I got. I might do one of these in the future due to the large amount of questions we got on this Q&A. Well that’s pretty much it. Also check out Coolguy174’s Blog he is going to be posting more often find his blog at the following URL link Lastly, remember to like this post, subscribe to the RoAA YouTube Channel, subscribe to our wonderful blog, and most importantly have a wonderful day.

Later Athletes,
Suns Holiday Signature


25 thoughts on “RoAA Q&A Answers!

  1. yitzrocks says:

    my questions
    1.who do u think is gonna win the NBA championship this year
    2. whats ur fave movie
    3.whats would u do if bacon cannot be made anymore
    4. what is ur fave drink

  2. Brett297 says:

    Q1. Do you want the Ravens to win it all?
    Q2. Has there been any new updates or any further progress on Sportstopia?


  3. abbster2 says:

    Hey suns, how you been! Wow, its been a while! I’ve missed all of you! So, I see you still post, which is cool! How is life?? Hope you reply!! Hope you can tell the rest of the crew that I said hi!

    Long time no talk,


    • Brett297 says:

      Nooo Marc this is what it says “A rumor has circulated that Action Allstars is going to launch again in May 30,2013, but no true evidence has been found to support this.”

      they said its POSSIBLE, but they never said it WILL happen…

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