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Hey Athletes! The other day I was looking at the comments and I realized that sometimes us reporters never really answer your questions. So I want to make this blog more interactive, so for this post I want you the readers to comment any questions you have ever had and you feel like have never been answers. Leave all your questions in the comment section below and I will answer them in a separate post. Maybe I will even make a potential video about the Q&A and post it on the
RoAA YouTube channel.
(Idea inspired by Coolgirl1235)

Well that’s all for now remember to like this post, subscribe to our wonderful blog, subscribe to the RoAA YouTube Channel, and most importantly have a wonderful day.

Late, but Happy New Years Athletes 🙂

Later Athletes,
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27 thoughts on “RoAA Q&A

  1. awesomedude46 says:

    ok, i have a lot of questions
    1. How come you never post
    2. why cant i be a reporter
    3. Why dont you do any games on the blog
    4. Why is chef obssesed with bacon

  2. Brett297 says:

    Hey Suns, This isn’t a question, but I heard you were on Woozworld a few days ago, but I wasn’t on to be there. Sorry about that, but just checkin’ up on ya.


  3. drew2458 says:

    i got a few questions for u guys
    1. How long will it be till u guys post captain that or athlete versus it seems like its been a while.
    2. Nicks got a cool website called “sportsmaster” do yall like it?
    3. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

  4. Lexi says:

    Hello guys(: There’s a high chance you guys won’t remember who i am but IT’S CUTE. YOU KNOW? XOCUTEOX. lol, i just thought of stopping by and.. yeah, How are you all? and I have missed you sun;*

  5. lexitayy says:

    lmaoc; Nat how can i keep in touch with youu? this site can’t be the only way. AND LAND BBY[: I don’t use facebook anymore. I do have other stuff though if you have an ipod, pad/ iphone

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