Sportstopia Newsflash

 Hey ChefBahamas here with an Update on Sportstopia!!!

I know there are complaints about “no posting”.

Also about no Sportstopia Updates…

Nothing is new, I can’t do anything until “Further Instruction is Given“.

Cya Athletes


25 thoughts on “Sportstopia Newsflash

      • thebenjibang1 says:

        not the only one awesome… NEW PLAN: Get some people (like me) who HAVE free tme to do it. Brett, Shak, Seeya, Shaq, Omg, and I have ALOT of free time. I suggest we get this fixed and get on track other wise were gonna end up short, and no sportstopia…

      • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

        See its not that simple. Chef isn’t doing anything with Sportstopia because he’s lazy or just doesn’t want to do it, Chef cannot do anything with Sportstopia because he is being given instructions by someone in a video, but the person who posts the video doesn’t post very often leaving Chef nothing to do because he doesn’t know what to do. Trust me if Chef knew how to make a virtual game this probably could have already be a website and be fully running, however that isn’t the case.


    • Nickelodeon12 on iPad says:

      Prediction made by Chef was Summer\Late ’13. Looking further away but I wouldn’t worry about it so much if I were you

  1. dttat2458 says:

    ive got a great idea maybe ALL of roaa can do it and not just chef cause by the time its open i will be in college (and im not even in high school yet)…..not being sarcastic just a suggestion WHEN YALL HAVE FREE TIME!!!

    • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

      I can only do it because that would mean we would have to transfer our data, files and other stuff to each other. They probably don’t know what to do and everything. That’s more time consuming and a waste of their time 🙂 I might be getting some progress on Sportstopia soon. I am going to try to get the Ban Mod “thingys” going if I can 😛

      ~ Chef

  2. Coolgirl1235 With the Swag says:

    Most people are mad about the posting cause this blog is the only one active I mean their is lots of blogs, but there all down because of AAS.(*Hint Hint*) I hope they don’t finish Sportstopia fast it wouldn’t turn out the best because of the rush!

    • thebenjibang1 says:

      its already not going to turn out the best! chef isnt a pro, and i bet you the guy making the videos isnt a pro ethier. Oh btw coolgirl, IT’S BEEN 4 MONTHS and they haven’t inproved. [*Hint Hint*]

      • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

        First of all don’t criticize cause you can’t do any better. You trying making your own virtual game let me see how it turns out? Also what do you want us to do make a perfect 3D game? We don’t even have any funding we are trying to do this for you guys, not for ourselves.


      • thebenjibang1 says:

        Yea, i get it is for us. Think about it this way. Lets says TBB has done some work when he found out actionallstars was going gone. Lets also say TBB had this D.O.N.E! In my comment i told you guys, that i had been working hard to make a virtual world. Then i found out you made sportstopia… That ruined it all! I had this done! I had alot of my summer working on this! Since Sportstopia was being made! I GAVE UP HOPE! I told Tyson (my cousin who only showed up for one time in AAS) about the new game! I had them play it! he said it was fun, just a little less lag. Then everyone went to hope on sportstopia. Thats when i deleted my game! thats when i did give up hope! I cant get it back!

        ima sumerize it this way. Suns, i had it done. Finished. Comleted. If it comes out better, but a little more faster we wouldnt be having this talk. i dont expect you to make it perfect! my thing wasnt 3D, and from doing 3D, i was about to do it, then to get the software and load it onto the game, it took almost 3 months.

        Oh BTW. What do you mean us? What do you mean ourselfs? Think about it! Here’s a quote from you yourself suns!

        “See its not that simple. Chef isn’t doing anything with Sportstopia because he’s lazy or just doesn’t want to do it.”

        From this it looks like chef doing all the work! Not only that but chef even admits its only him. heres another quote!

        “I can only do it because that would mean we would have to transfer our data, files and other stuff to each other. They probably don’t know what to do and everything.”

        Now this is to Chef. Chef, dont worry about that 1 guy, think about OTHER videos. Also I hope we can all get along. Let you guys do your things. Let us get more free time, i guess, also work toghether. You got ALOT of people who are counting on you. You ALSO got alot of angry people.

        -TheBenjiBang with one looonnggggg comment

      • Reporters of Action Allstars says:

        In your comment when you said that you were planning on making a virtual game, it said that you were going to TRY and make it, that you wouldn’t know how long it would take you. Also we came up for the idea of Sportstopia in the middle of June. So it would actually be impossible for you to be finished with your game before everyone jumped on the idea of Sportstopia, because you said you had been working on it the entire summer. Also if you had finished a game why hadn’t you told anyone about it? No offense, but that sounds very very idiotic.


      • thebenjibang1 says:

        To suns: Yes, i did say, i was PLANNING. I was planning to make it sport-like. It was sorta like woozworld when i had made it. Then I thought of adding sports stuff. You guys came up with the idea on july. ActionAllstars didnt close until July. I didnt tell anyone cause i thought you would say something like ,”TBB stole our idea.” at least something like tht.

        To chef: Well, thats a problem for me too. I had to use google translater for a video XD. This is what i suggest first. Just draw all the designs out. In fact you can make it easy. This might ruin some peoples thoughts. But they can only get one turf/unitz. Like actionallstars. You could only have one. Let me know they guy who youre watching the channels from, ill see if it can lead me to wherever you are.

      • coolguy174 says:

        Tbb, if you had it all done, why did you stop? Maybe you could surprise us. Its not like Chef and Suns are the gods of AAS and you have to let them do everything.

  3. coolguy174 says:

    Remember like what suns just said, they are doing it for you. They are making it free, for you. They are trying to make it the best it can be, for you. So respect them for this, because it isn’t for them to be able to say “I made a virtual game” its for you so you can say “I love this game

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