Who Will Conquer 2012-13 Season

Hola NBA fans! Smoove here to discuss the NBA 2012-13 season.

(smells) ugh dad farted. (smells other way) aah  NBA season is so close, I can barely smell cause dads fart smells like, well you dont wanna know. As you all know, there has been some big trades during off-season. Nash and Howard moving to L.A., Bynum in Philly, Jamal Crawford and Lamar moving to L.A. as well, Nate Robinson and Kirk Hinrich in Chicago (my team) Jeremy Lin in Houstonetc. So lets see some preseason stats:

Looks like Carmelo and J.R. Smith is tied. I’m surprised that Nick Young and Glen Davis are in the Top 5. Last season stats: Nick Young 14.2, Glen Davis 9.2. Looking at Lebron stats, ouch to all Lebron fans, (laughs at Lebron stats, and hairline). He is tied with Monta Ellis but what difference does it make. Anypoo, Damarcus and Lillard (the rookie) is tied for 14th place, Jamal Crawford and Blake “Winner of 2010 allstar slam dunk contest that Javale Mcgee should have won but it was 2 years ago so no one cares” Griffin are tied for 11th place. But their both on the same team, so they’ll work things out. Now looking at Derrick Rose (fav player) He’s looking for a comeback after a tragic season he had. He has Two shoes released ( Rose 773, and d rose 3, I got the 773’s btw but lets not talk about that) Now as for the teams, Stats:

Darnish! The Sixers did well in pre season! 1st place! I also keep forgeting Bynum is in Philly but hey, first place! As for Miami, Big boohoo for them losing to raptors and other basic teams. Well who knows, maybe they got something up their sleeves? And L.A. blarhish nvm about them. THE POINT IS, What team will dominate at least the first half of the season and what player?

trololo f...


Smoove-tude is out…. CUE EXIT MUSIC! (James Bond music plays as I walk out the front door. Or back, doesnt really matter)



29 thoughts on “Who Will Conquer 2012-13 Season

  1. drew2458 says:

    The ABL is on a delay until……..idk ask chef the questions and I’m guessing that there’s not any alerts on sportstopia that It will not happen until maybe march 2013 or April so we got a long ways to go buddy

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