NBA Preview: Breakout Players

 Hey Athletes! I’m here with my favorite sport, basketball. I love the NBA (minus David Stern) and this is my favorite time of year. NBA preseason is awesome, because even though it means nothing, we still get basketball again! I’m doing this post based on opinion and you can feel free to comment your responses. I’m doing the biggest increases and falls of players.

1st Breakout Player

DeMarcus Cousins: Cousins was able to show a great improvement from his rookie season. We saw an increase of 4 points (14.1 to 18.1) from his rookie to sophomore season and rebounds (8.6 to 11.0). When this guy has his head screwed on straight, he is easily a top 5 center in this league 

Prediction: DeMarcus is on the rise and he has potential for 20 and 15 when he wants to. I think if he is mature, he can get up to the 18-20 point range and 12-13 rebounds per game.

2nd Breakout Player

Paul George: I was one of those people who was confused who this guy was on draft day and wasn’t sure what he brought to the table. He has crazy potential and this kid knows how to grow between seasons (look it up). He is freakishly athletic and he can shoot the 3 ball. He didn’t put up all-star numbers in his 2nd season but they are improvements in points (7.8 to 12.1) and rebounds (3.7 to 5.6).

Prediction: Paul George has all the potential in the world to do good, so why not let him improve some more? With point jumps of nearly 4 and an improved role, George could be primed for a good 3rd year. I think he could get close to 15-16 PPG and 6-7 RPG. The dude is a human highlight reel (no disrespect to Dominique Wilkins).

1st Player to Decline

Kobe Bryant: Before you flip out, let me explain. The Lakers are still “Kobe Bryant’s team”, but Kobe’s role on that team is far less compared to last year. His role last year was to pretty much do everything for the Lakers to win. His decline will be due to the fact that he doesn’t have as much of a work-load.

Prediction: Obviously, another outstanding season, but maybe not as outstanding as were used to. People are saying that Kobe’s FG% will rise with the addition of Steve Nash(last years was his worst since his 2nd year), but Kobe isn’t a catch-and-shoot player. He likes to create his own shot and isn’t one to stand at the 3-point line. His percentage might not go up too much. I think he will get 25-26 points and 45% shooting.

2nd Player to Decline

Devin Harris: Devin Harris wasn’t as successful with the Jazz last year as he was with the Nets in the past. He has been having knee problems and now is going into a 3-way battle for minutes with fellow point guards, Lou Williams and Jeff Teague. Harris was an all-star with the Nets and struggled to return to form last year. His stats were already declining last year with the transition to Utah’s system seeing a drop in points (15.2 to 11.3) and assists (7.1 to 5.0). Those were both pretty big drops.

Prediction: I feel the walls will continue to crash down on Devin Harris. I really liked Harris when he was on the Nets, but he seemed to disappear from the NBA spotlight with the Jazz. The Knee issues may force him to play behind super-sub Lou Williams as the 3rd string point guard. I think if there is an injury to Teague or Williams, then Harris might have a good role with the team. Since he had such a decline last year, it will be tough for him to get the backup or starting job. If he’s the 3rd PG and has decent minutes, he might get 6-7 points and 3-4 assists. Those stats really depend on if he gets a good amount of minutes.

Feel free to comment your athletes that you think will do good or not do good

Later Athletes!


7 thoughts on “NBA Preview: Breakout Players

  1. thebenjibang1 says:

    I remember Devin Harris years. Good time, they should have Devin be on a team that needs him. Devin Harris should go to the Magic.He could return his Bad Years [Utah and maybe Atlanta] and turn them into starting role. If the Magic get somebody like Cody Zeller, you have a guy to pass in the paint, you got Jameer who you got an option to pass to him for 3, or Devin for 3. Well if theres a answer to it all it’s…

    PG: Jameer Nelson
    SG: Devin Harris
    SF: Gustavo Ayon/Moe Harkless
    PF: Glen Davis
    C: Cody Zeller

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