Final My Player Update

 Hey Athletes! You may have read the title and understood what it meant, but not why. All of you know that NBA 2k13 has been out for a while now. Seeing that I am bringing you outdated games like 2k10 and 2k12, I thought maybe you would rather see 2k13. The bad news is I probably won’t be bringing you guys 2k13 “My Career” updates. I want to end this short-lived series with a bang. Eh, maybe just with a new “My Player.” Throughout 2k12, I was able to play every position there is to play. My least favorite was the PF and it didn’t last very long (Robin Fropez, 7.4 PPG 5.2 RPG). Easily, my favorite position to play was the PG position. You get to run an offense and control the outcome of a game. I have showed you my All-Around PG, Mark Eisner, but I never showed you my other PG. I actually started him not long after my main PG. His name is Stewie Griffin and he’s an Athletic PG for the Golden State Warriors. I wanted to choose Athletic, because it’s always fun to play a different play-style from time to time. When I get bored of the all-around game, I can just switch over to Stewie and drive for layups. I would say Mark Carter (SG) was my best scorer, Cleveland Brown (C) was my best rebounder, and Mark Eisner (PG) was my best passer. Here are 3 players highlights from recent games and final averages:

Mark Eisner

32.5 PPG (career 30.7) 5.7 RPG (career 5.1) 13.2 APG(career 11.8)

Cleveland Brown

33.7 PPG (career 30.6) 10.5 RPG(career 9.8) 4.9 APG (career 5.1)

Stewie Griffin (rookie)

22.3 PPG 2.4 RPG 8.2 APG

P.S. I had 4 points (4-7 FG) 2 rebounds 10 assists in my first “My Career” blacktop game with my friends on NBA 2K13 with my PG.

That’s all I have, Later Athletes!


7 thoughts on “Final My Player Update

  1. thebenjibang1 says:

    To Chef: Dont worry about making videos about your nba season stuff, let eyes and dalt do that. Right now, i really have almost lost my interest in Sportstopia because all ik about Sportstopia is the stuff that isn’t as BIG. Your last update was in August. Almost 2 months ago… I am not hating on Sportstopia, dont think that, i just have no idea what is going on with sportstopia

    • babazies says:

      Yeah Stewie is wearing the KD’s, but I usually wear those for road games. I didn’t realize it was a home game. For Cleveland, those are Nike Zoom Kobe IV id (it’s in the Nike section, the area where you can’t change the color) and for me, I’m wearing Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011. Hope it helped, but it’s based on 2k12 not 2k13(I haven’t gotten into the shoes for 2k13 yet).


      • thebenjibang1 says:

        oh, for NBA 2K12, I wore KD’s. Now i wear Lebrons. I dont remember the exactly what pair, i only know they have a odd bottom part of the shoe and they were black and red.

      • babazies says:

        I hate the Lebron 9s with the ugly orange color. I might not have worn the KD’s (it doesn’t match the team colors), but they gave me +5 Mid Range, which I needed help with shooting, because I was athletic playstyle.


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