Ultimate 2k Post

 Hey athletes! I’ll keep this short, since I have a ton of highlight pictures. Plenty of games were played and a lot of assists were dished since I last posted. In fact, a grand total of 60 assists were dished by my NBA 2k10 my player over 4 games since the last post. I don’t have room for recaps of all the games, so, I will just say basic highlights.

Rockets@Trail Blazers

Highlight: 20 assists!


Highlight: Posterizers, not the best stats


Highlight: Sick Shots

 Floater Alert! 


Highlight: Proof of stats with real boxscore + a 32 point victory!

Okay, that’s all I have for 2k10. I actually have some screen shots for 2k12 for my PG and my Center, but it would be overboard to put them in. Maybe next time…

Later Athletes,


29 thoughts on “Ultimate 2k Post

      • thebenjibang1 says:

        I went to midnight release for NBA 2K13. My Career is harder then you think. It’s not like My PLAYER where you can score all the time. No, it’s hard so i just keep a my player and make VC off him so i can get a really good team.

      • babazies says:

        Yeah, they went all out this year. It does stink that you have to buy your accessories, though. I wish I could have gone to midnight release, but I had a major AP World History unit test the next day.


      • SmooveGuy6 says:

        I could have gone, but you know the saying, parents are tired from work. But I am getting it probably this week. Then i’ll give you Smoove Bembry stats!

        P.S. takes bacon from tbb, and eisner hides it in glass box. hehe they’ll never find it!

      • thebenjibang1 says:

        Finds the bacon under Smoove’s bed, takes a tiny bite, realizes it’s value, thinks “More valuable then Smoove Bembry”, hides in Laborghini Mercy with Kanye West, drives away, and takes all the NBA 2K13 disc away from all stores

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