Fantasy League~Think Fast

 Hey Athletes Jok34 here,


Not gonna take forever explaining that its been a while since i posted or anything cuz thts obvious. Just letting you guys know that im making a Fantasy Basketball league.

Slots Available

1. Jok34



4. Yourboy


6. Available

7. Available

8. Available

I might make a price to join the league. X Amount of wooz where WINNER TAKES ALL! 


PS- My birthdays tommorow


50 thoughts on “Fantasy League~Think Fast

    • Jok34 says:

      You gotta prove to me you know what u r doing.
      1.Comment ur top 10 nba players
      2.Who do you think will win the championship and why? Who will the winning team beat?

      • aytan says:

        1. Kobe Bryant
        2. Kevin Durant
        3. Lebron James
        4. Dwane wade
        5. Chris Paul
        6. Russel Westbrook
        7. Rojan Rondo
        8. Daren Willem’s
        9. Joe Johnson
        10. Andrew Bynem

        and i think the finals are gonna be Lakers and heat but Lakers are gonna lose because they just got new people and like a couple years ago the heat the the big three (James, Wade,Bosh) they lost in the finals in their first year so its gonna happen to the Lakers because they just got some good players so they got to know how to play with each other if i join you can send the invite this email: and happy birthday jok!


  1. drew2458 says:

    Top 10 players
    10. Steve Nash
    9. Brandon Jennings
    8. Joe Johnson
    7. Dereon Williams
    6. Dirk Nowitzki
    5. Dwight Howard
    4. Chris Paul
    3. Kobe Bryant
    2. Lebron James
    1. Dwayne Wade
    I think the lakers will win because they have a great backcourt in Steve Nash Kobe Bryant and Ron artest and because they also have a great inside in Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard (probably the best lineup in NBA).

    • Jok34 says:

      hmm i agree with lakers but do a little research and make a new top 10. This one was “interesting” if u want to join u gotta make a better won and explain ur top player

  2. HeatLebron says:

    Top ten nba players
    1.Kevin Durant
    2.Lebron James
    3.Chris Paul
    4.Dwight Howard
    5.Dwayne Wade
    6.Kobe Bryant
    7.Deron Williams
    8.Rajon Rondo
    9.Kobe Bryant
    10.Andrew Bynum

    Miami Heat over Lakers because Lakers aren’t young like heat and heat have better players

    • babazies says:

      Kings over Bobcats in the finals. Every game goes to triple overtime and Chuck Hayes hits a fadeaway 3 as time expires in game 7. Game 1: 30-12 Kings win Game 2: 12-10 Bobcats win Game 3: 16-4 Bobcats win Game 4: 7-1 Kings win Game 5: 127-126 Kings win Game 6: 100-89 Bobcats win Game 7: 3-2 Kings win

      • thebenjibang1 says:

        ummm… you ok eyes, I think it’s Celtics over Portland:
        Damian Lillard is boss, Celtics played very good last year and want to come back, Portland has LaMarcus to be the ultimate big man, Celtics can do good on both sides.

        Grade: Portland Celtics
        Team Play B A
        Big Men A B
        Deffence B A
        Past C A
        Age Diffrence A C
        Rookie Pick A [#1 ranked] D [Not in top ten]
        Fan Favorite [RoAA] B [eyes] A [Shak, Bostonfan ETC]
        Playoffs Rank D B
        Playoffs Results F A

        Total: 31/45 38/45
        68% 84%
        D+ B-
        Even thought Portland got a D+, they still are a good team, but i only got these grades from last year stats.

      • babazies says:

        I hope Lillard plays like he is supposed to. He was a boss during summer league. I just want to see a Blazer draft pick that works out.


      • thebenjibang1 says:

        I take back my entire finals thing. New York Knicks vs OKC Thunder.
        New York has Carmelo [overated but okay…] Amare [Good] Jason Kidd [Beast Vetrean] Tyson Channler [Okay] J.R Smith [Good Bench player] Baron Davis [Okay vetrean] Iman Shumpert [Boss Young PG] Raymond Felton [Boss PG] Rasheed Wallace [okay vetrean] Ronnie Brewer [Okay] VS Kevin Durant [Good Boss Beast Young player] Russel Westbrook [Good Boss Beast Young player] James Harden [Boss young player, plus 0.5 for the beard] Kendrick Perkins [Beast player] Serge Ibaka [Beast player] Thabo Sefolosha [okay player]

        #1 New York Wins @ New York
        #2 OKC wins @ OKC
        #3 OKC wins @ New York
        #4 New York wins @ OKC
        #5 New York Wins @ New York

      • babazies says:

        If the Knicks can blend well, then I wouldn’t say that prediction is too far off. Based on last year, I would still say that there is 2 actual contenders and the rest are just teams that might provide the upset in each conference. East is Boston and Miami. West is lakers and Thunder, but seeing the depth of the west, possibly more (Nuggets, Sweet Uniforms check their new uniforms out).


      • thebenjibang1 says:

        Nuggets ALT uniforms > Bobcats ENTIRE uniform
        Li Ning D-Wades > MJ’s D-Wades
        Howard Magic Nash Lakers
        Bynum Lakers > Bynum Sixers
        and last…
        Anthony Davis > Kyrie Irving

      • babazies says:

        1. Entire uniform? Shoes, Jersey, shorts?
        2. Could care less
        3. I don’t see what you are saying with the howard nash thing
        4. Lakers had Kobe, what do you expect?
        5. Absolutely incorrect. Davis might not even win ROY award. Kyrie is going to be a top PG in the near future


      • thebenjibang1 says:

        1. pretty much everything
        2. true…
        3. i must have messed up but it was howard was better on lakers and nash is better on suns
        4. true, but sixers have jrue holiday
        5. I was thinking about this alot and let me point it this way. Kyrie is good, and like you said future top point gaurd. But in the future for Anthony Davis, you dont see many centers. Most centers are older then the rookies. Davis right now is a Top Center, and might be as good as Kyrie [center wise not point] Davis can do good on Deffence and like my gym teacher [former coach] said, “Deffence is the key to winning games, Deffence, can make you on ANY team.”

      • babazies says:

        Anthony Davis doesn’t have consistent offense to be unstoppable. It doesn’t matter if he’s labeled as a center or powerforward, if all he does is block shots, he’s not going to make much impact other than an energy guy.


  3. drew2458 says:

    New top 10 players:
    10. Jason Kidd
    9.Pau Gasol
    8. Chris Bosh
    7. Steve Nash
    6. Dwight Howard
    5. Russell Westbrook
    4. Blake Griffin
    3. Kobe Bryant
    2. Dwayne Wade
    1. Lebron James

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