NBA 2k10 Blazers@Lakers: Screen shot update

 Hey athletes! I know, this constant posting is getting out of hand. Don’t worry, I probably won’t be posting for a while, we’ll see. Well, I played another NBA 2k10 “My Player” game. This game was at the Lakers and if you guys know anything about 2k10, you know that the Lakers are probably the most annoying team to play against. Kobe is pretty much unstoppable in 2k10. We fought through it and pulled off the upset of the Lakers, 114102. I finished with 41 points 3 rebounds and 11 assists. I don’t really put up amazing stats, but if my team wins, it’s fine with me. Kobe Bryant finished with 45 points and Allen Iverson (signed by the Lakers, this is my second season, so I think he played for Charlotte during my rookie campaign) finished with 14 points 6 assists. Once again, I have provided you guys with screen shots so that you can feel like you are watching the action.

 Crossing up Iverson!

 Fade-away  Dunk on the fastbreak    

  The next 2 go together



That’s all I have athletes.

P.S. You’re jealous of my generics aren’t you?

Later Athletes!


6 thoughts on “NBA 2k10 Blazers@Lakers: Screen shot update

  1. Coolgirl1235 With the Swag says:

    Do you guys remember when we did the Suns vs.Celtics game? Well I’m working on getting it uploaded currently, i have found a way I am going too edit it a bit more by putting the Scores in the corner of the video. Then i will try too upload it too my Youtube channel and i will give you guys the link, as soon as i can…..

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