2k10 For the Win (and the Blazers)

 Hey athletes! I’m back with yet another post. This is really just a screen shot update. You guys remember 2k10? Thought so. It’s been a while since I played NBA 2k10 “My Player” and I decided to play it tonight. Obviously, I’m playing for the Portland Trailblazers, since they’re my favorite team (if the hat didn’t make it obvious, and the Portland jersey I wore in my last post). You may notice all the screen shots are taken in replay mode, since it’s hard to get the shot right when it happens. I played the Indiana Pacers and we pulled out the nail-biter 10098. I had 44 points 5 rebounds and 15 assists. We won in overtime. I actually hit the go-ahead shot that gave us the lead, but I didn’t consider it a game winner, because the Pacers still had 21 seconds to score. Also, don’t laugh at my generic shoes. Here they are:

       No look over the back pass All alone  fast-break dunk 

This was the go ahead bucket

That’s all I have for today, athletes. This is pretty much my equivalent to uploading “My Player” footage to Youtube.


What do you think?

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